Detective Pikachu: Every Pokémon Confirmed For Live-Action (So Far) [UPDATED]

Detective Pikachu Every Pokemon

What Pokémon are featured in the trailer for Detective Pikachu? The first footage has been released for the Pokémon movie, giving fans their first taste of what the gaming icons look like in live-action. Not only do they look awesome, but there's no shortage of classic monsters, and some new ones, for fans to see.

Following a talking Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds that only Justice Smith's Tim Goodman can understand, Detective Pikachu promises to be a journey through the magical land of these creatures like we've never seen before. It's a very different take on the world than fans of the training game are used to, but the teaser suggests that the story's still worthy of the big screen.

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Indeed, there's a lot more to Detective Pikachu's trailer than the titular electric mouse. The footage is packed with Pokémon, from familiar starters front-and-center to obscure oddities hidden in the background. Here's every one that we found.

Last updated: January 21, 2019


Detective Pikachu Charmander

The first monster we see properly in the Detective Pikachu trailer is Charmander, one of the three starter Pokémon Professor Oak offers the player in Pokémon Red and Blue, alongside Bulbasaur and Squirtle. The fire-and-lizard type was also a mainstay of Ash's team in the anime, making him an easy choice as the first ones viewers of the trailer get a good look at.


A cultural icon and the face of the series, Pikachu needs no introduction. Voiced by Ryan Reynolds in Detective Pikachu, this electric-mouse has a special bond with Tim, the protagonist of the movie, a bond that looks to mirror the one Ash has with his trusty yellow sidekick in the anime.


Older fans of the series will remember Misty's Psyduck as a warbling creature suffering from an eternal headache. The Psyduck seen in Detective Pikachu is calm and collected, probably well-trained by its owner. A powerful psychic Pokémon, it'll be interesting to see how the movie handles monsters with Psyduck's abilities.

Bulbasaur (With Morelull)

Detective Pikachu Bulbasaur

Another of the classic starting roster, Bulbasaur was a part of Ash's squad as well as one the grass option in Pokémon Red and Blue. Drawing its energy from the sun, the troupe seen marching down a stream in the Detective Pikachu trailer is typical of the peaceful natural habitat these creatures stay in. Also note the Morelull, the Fairy type from Generation VII, floating nearby.


Detective Pikachu Jigglypuff

It's only right that Jigglypuff, the sweet-singing diva pokémon, is seen getting annoyed with a passed out body beside her. The pink ball may look cute, but her song can put just about anything to sleep, and she doesn't take well to people sleeping during her performances.


One of the main reasons Charmander was such a popular choice among first-generation Pokémon players was that it evolved into this fire-breathing dragon. Charizard is a tough creature to keep in line, but for anyone who manages it, they have a serious weapon at their disposal for battles. In Detective Pikachu, it looks like the hero will end up facing one of the creatures in a cage match.


This is a sixth generation Pokémon, introduced for Pokémon X and Y in 2013. Likely new to many viewers, it's a water-and-dark type whose body and move-set resemble that of a ninja. Greninja appears to be on the offense in the two appearances in the Detective Pikachu trailer, so it's likely they're the monster of choice for whomever Tim and Pikachu are up against.


Completing the roster of first generation starters in the Detective Pikachu trailer is Squirtle. Though only barely seen here, the small turtle will surely have his moment to really maximize nostalgia.

Mr. Mime

Used to demonstrate the presence of Reynolds' acerbic wit, Mr. Mime's Detective Pikachu scene will be different how many recognize the human-like creature – as a strange but reliable assistant to Ash's mom in the series. Mr. Mime's moves are, as seen, that it can create objects through the power of mime.


Snubbull in Pokemon Detective Pikachu

A new Detective Pikachu TV spot revealed a live-action Snubbull, the pink bulldog Pokémon introduced in Generation II. He looks decidedly bigger than the other animal-like Pokémon, coming up above a desk. He appears to be partnered with Ken Watanabe's character, suggesting Snubbull's are employed by the police department.

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