Leaked Copy of Detective Pikachu Shared by Ryan Reynolds is Not What You Expect

Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu

The entirety of Detective Pikachu has been leaked online, or has it? The Pokémon film is officially releasing in theaters this week. Early reviews have been mixed to positive, typically agreeing that Pokémon fans should have a lot of fun.

When it was first announced, Detective Pikachu caught everyone off guard. It seemed odd at the time to adapt a spinoff Pokémon title, rather than the traditional trainer journey seen in the core games like Pokémon Red and Blue. Any doubts were put to rest when the first trailer premiered. Viewers instantly felt attached to the talking "world class detective." Perhaps the most visually appealing aspect of the movie is the world the story resides in. Pokémon freely exist as normal inhabitants, from a crossing guard Machamp, to Growlithe in the police department. The CGI faithfully brings the creatures to life.

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Ryan Reynolds, voice of the title character, shared a video from a mysterious Twitter account called "Inspector Pikachu." The video claims to be the full Detective Pikachu movie. Upon playing, it certainly appears to be. We see the Warner Bros. logo, followed by Legendary Pictures, and The Pokémon Company. Then the movie seemingly starts, showing Justice Smith's character walking through Ryme City. After that? You'll just have to watch and see.

Yes, the rest of the video is the electric mouse dancing it out on loop. Obviously, this was a marketing stunt to build even more anticipation for the film's actual release. Many viewers are having a good time discussing this "leak." Marketing for Detective Pikachu has been interesting. Aside from this full movie online stunt, there was the screen tests video for the Pokémon. Warner Bros. has made sure everyone has heard about the film, and the kind of wacky tone it has.

Detective Pikachu has set itself up as one of the novelties of 2019. Pokémon is a beloved brand worldwide, so a mystery story starring a talking Pikachu is bound to get people intrigued. This year sees the release of a number of Pokémon-related media. In late 2019, the next core games in the franchise will release: Pokémon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch. In Japan, a CGI remake of the first animated Pokémon film titled, Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is also releasing. Many people are still playing Pokémon GO. In short, Pokémon is one of the biggest media franchises currently, with games, anime, films, and manga. Detective Pikachu could propel the brand to even greater heights.

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Source: Inspector Pikachu/Twitter

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  • Detective Pikachu (2019) release date: May 10, 2019
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