Detective Pikachu Writer Wants A Star Is Born-Style Movie With Jigglypuff

Exclusive: Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit share ideas for a Pokémon spinoff combining Jigglypuff with A Star Is Born.

Jigglypuff singing in Detective Pikachu

While the writers of Detective Pikachu are not currently working on any spinoffs for the well-received Pokémon film, they did offer a stellar idea for a Jigglypuff movie they'd like to make inspired by A Star is Born. With Oren Uziel tapped to write the sequel, the Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit writing duo are freed up to make such an idea a reality - maybe.

Jigglypuff may not have had very much time to shine in Detective Pikachu, but that doesn't mean it's not one of the writers' favorite Pokémon and iconic in its own right. In fact, one of its most memorable characteristics - singing people to sleep - made its way into a sight gag on the big screen. That said, Jigglypuff isn't content with a sleeping audience, and the screenwriters have bigger dreams in mind for the beloved balloon Pokémon.

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In an exclusive interview, Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit discussed the aspects of Ryme City and the Pokémon World at large that they hadn't yet gotten a chance to explore. When asked specifically which story they'd like to commit to film, however, Hernandez had a surprising answer ready. Citing a potential American Idol or even Eurovision-style adventure being an option, he said, "I am interested in Jigglypuff’s singing career."

However, there's one glaring issue with following Jigglypuff on its journey to stardom, which Hernandez readily acknowledged: "The severe problem of putting everyone to sleep." That dichotomy would be the crux of the story, and the screenwriter continued, "We love Jigglypuff. I like the weird Pokémon that really want something, and just by their nature, Jigglypuff can never achieve that." In the end, he dubbed his imaginary film Jigglypuff: A Star Is Born.

If Lady Gaga would take on the role of the talented, but tormented Jigglypuff, then there's no doubt that the spinoff would be a hit. But which Pokémon would be her musical partner (aka the Pokémon universe's Jackson Maine)? Because, according to Hernandez, it would still have to be a tragic love story, and Samit agreed, saying, "I feel like I can't top that."

Given that other Pokémon films outside of the sequel are already in development, there's no reason a solo story focusing on Jigglypuff can't work. Mewtwo and Psyduck (along with Kathryn Newton's Lucy Stevens) may be in the running first, simply due to their screen time in the first film, but Jigglypuff's struggle to entertain, rather than enervate, is something that plenty of fans could connect with. While such a movie may not actually resemble A Star Is Born or American Idol, hopefully Hernandez and Samit's magic touch would help it reach the heights of Detective Pikachu.

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