Fan Art Imagines How Mewtwo Might Look in Detective Pikachu

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A new piece of fan artwork shows what Mewtwo could look like in the upcoming film Detective PikachuPokémon has been around since the 1990s in the form of video games, card games, TV shows, and movies, but this year marks the release of the first ever live-action Pokémon movie. Everybody has their favorite Pokémon, but given Pikachu's massive popularity, he was chosen to be at the center of this movie.

While Pikachu will be the main character of the film, several other Pokémon will also be featured in the movie. The first trailer for Detective Pikachu gave fans their first look at some of the Pokémon that would be adapted for the big screen, but even more Pokémon were hinted at in the first poster. Given Mewtwo's popularity and reputation in the Pokémon universe as a villain, he will likely make an appearance in Detective Pikachu. Now, fans can see what the character could potentially look like.

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Artist Raf Grassetti recently shared some of his artwork on Instagram depicting hyper-realistic versions of some popular video game characters including Mewtwo, Bowser, Sonic, and several others. Grassetti actually worked as an Art Director for the award-winning game God of War, but this artwork isn't official work for a Super Smash Bros. game. The impressive pieces are simply fan art, but this could potentially be what Mewtwo looks like in Detective Pikachu. Grassetti's artwork can be seen in the post below.

On the human side of Detective Pikachu, actor Justice Smith will be leading the movie as the character Tim Goodman. Alongside Smith, Kathryn Newton has been cast, as well as Ken Watanabe, Bill Nighy, and Rita Ora. As for the cute and fuzzy Pikachu, Ryan Reynolds will be voicing the iconic character.

Since many fans grew up with Pokémon, many were skeptical about a live-action interpretation of the beloved characters. The basic designs for the little pocket monsters have remained the same over the years, but a live-action version meant that these characters would have to be modified to look realistic on the big screen. Upon the first trailer dropping, many fans' worries were laid to rest since the live-action Pokémon looked better than most people expected. Fans are still waiting to see a glimpse of the live-action Mewtwo, but hopefully the design will look as good as this fan artwork. With that in mind, fans won't know for sure what Mewtwo looks like until the film comes out, or at least until the second trailer is released.

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Source: Raf Grassetti

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