Detective Deadpool Parody Trailer Combines Wade Wilson & Pikachu

A fan-made trailer has united the disparate worlds of Deadpool and Detective Pikachu to create a Ryan Reynolds-themed movie mashup. Reynolds is currently still enjoying a surge in popularity triggered by the Deadpool franchise - a part he had publicly courted for some time. Playing the "Merc with a Mouth" known as Wade Wilson, the actor found himself combining superhero action with R-rated comedy in a role he was ideally suited to take and earned a raft of new fans thanks to Deadpool's crass humor and fourth-wall breaking monologues.

Reynolds, or his voice at least, will soon be appearing in Detective Pikachu, the first live-action movie in the Pokemon franchise. The actor will be supplying the sarcastic tones of the movie's titular yellow mouse and after the first Detective Pikachu trailer arrived in late 2018, there was plenty of praise online for both the film's visual style and Reynolds' animated caffeine-dependent sleuth. A second trailer released earlier this week gave more insight into the movie's plot, revealing that Detective Pikachu is suffering from amnesia and searching for answers about his past.

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Of course, the fact that Detective Pikachu's cute CGI star has the same voice as a hyper-violent, potty-mouthed antihero in somewhat jarring, and this juxtaposition has not gone unnoticed by fans. As part of their "Trailers Recut" series, YouTube channel Space Taste have combined Wade Wilson and Detective Pikachu to create "Detective Deadpool." The trailer takes the audio track from the latest Detective Pikachu trailer but uses visuals from both the Deadpool franchise and Detective Pikachu. The surreal results can be seen in the video below.

Detective Pikachu's dialogue matches up surprisingly well with the Deadpool footage, largely thanks to the fact that no one can see Wade Wilson's mouth moving, and several scenes are edited together especially effectively. Pitting Wade against a fiery Charizard in a fight to the death, and re-framing Pikachu's amnesia to act as part of Wade's transformation into a mutant both stitch together seamlessly and with typically hilarious results.

The trailer perhaps also highlights the similarities between these two Ryan Reynolds movies. Obviously, only one of them would be suitable to watch with your grandma in the room, but Detective Pikachu and Deadpool arguably have more in common than appears at first glance. Whether Reynolds' new venture can emulate Deadpool's commercial and critical success however, remains to be seen and while the early signs are certainly encouraging, Pikachu won't be able to use quite as many colorful metaphors as his black and red counterpart.

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Source: Space Taste

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