Pikachu Becomes Deadpool In Detective Pikachu Fan Art

Detective Pikachu Deadpool

Take a look at this fantastic piece of fan art from BossLogic that brings together Detective Pikachu's cute titular mouse and the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool. Earlier this month, the first trailer for Detective Pikachu was released online and immediately set social media alight thanks to its vibrant live-action interpretation of the Pokemon universe and the adorable fluffy Pikachu that will be leading the cast. In a move that took many by surprise, it was previously announced that Pikachu would be voiced by Ryan Reynolds and the trailer footage made it very clear that the actor would be bringing his trademark smart mouth and sense of humor along for the ride.

Reynolds has, in recent years, become famous for his R-rated portrayal of Deadpool in both the 2016 original and this year's Deadpool 2. A PG-13 cut of the sequel, now officially called Once Upon A Deadpool, is due for release next month, however few would argue that Deadpool's gross-out humor, filthy jokes and bloody fight scenes aren't part of the franchise's charm. Because of this, few expected Reynolds to provide the voice for the kid-friendly electric Pokemon and while it was certainly strange to hear his wise-cracking Pikachu threatening to electrocute people and interrogating Mr. Mimes, the response online to Reynolds' casting has been largely positive.

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A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine the worlds of Deadpool and Pokemon coming together but, thanks to Reynolds, they are now inextricably linked and BossLogic has produced a brilliant piece of fan art that mashes up these two universes. The image features Detective Pikachu's furry, attitude-filled star dressed in Deadpool's famous red and black getup, surrounded by bullet casings and clutching at two miniature pistols.

The piece manages to be both epic and hilarious in equal measure and bonus points are certainly awarded for the Poke Ball belt buckle. The artwork perhaps also highlights just how out of left field Reynolds' casting is. However, while Pikachu and Deadpool undoubtedly make for a great mashup, Detective Pikachu audiences will have to temper their hopes that the movie will see Pikachu brandish a set of twin katanas and unleash a violent beating upon a nearby Weedle just for looking at him the wrong way. It's also interesting to ponder exactly what mischief Wade Wilson would get up to if he had the ability to fire electricity out of his (face) cheeks.

Initially, there was an air of skepticism and confusion over the Detective Pikachu project but, since the trailer's release, the general feeling seems to be one of excitement and anticipation and, as proved by this latest work of art, fans can't wait to see more of Reynolds' Pikachu.

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Source: BossLogic/Twitter

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