Detective Pikachu 2: 7 Characters We Want To Return (& 3 We Don't)

Justice Smith in Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu might not have been the best movie ever made or had the most coherent plot ever, but it was a fun, enjoyable movie for fans of Pokémon. The movie was rather successful for a film based off of a video game, and the nostalgia for many people who grew up playing and watching Pokémon made the movie a great watch.

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The movie also serves as a start-off point for other movies in the franchise, whether direct sequels to Detective Pikachu or spin-offs. If more movies do get made, these are the seven characters we would love to see more of as well as three we have seen more than enough.

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Lucy Stevens is an aspiring journalist, and while she doesn’t get to shine too much in this movie, she could return for future films. At times this character could come off a little bit annoying, but it’s clear she cares about finding out the truth and is tenacious and driven.

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The friendship between her and Tim Goodman was also rather sweet, and we wouldn’t mind seeing this relationship develop further. It would be great to see more of her and her adorable companion Psyduck.


Harry Goodman, played by Ryan Reynolds, is a bigger character than fans realized while watching the film. With that surprise ending, we learned that it was actually Harry in Pikachu’s body that Tim had been talking to all along.

While it’s kind of a bummer that the Pikachu we grew to love wasn’t actually Pikachu at all, it was a good ending that Harry wasn’t actually dead. Ryan Reynolds is also a great actor, so we wouldn't mind seeing more of him in future installments. Plus, this would allow Tim and Harry to actually bond as father and son again.


Overall, there really weren’t all that many human characters in Detective Pikachu. The real standouts were the Pokémon themselves. While many of them weren’t necessarily one specific character, they count as characters in their own right.

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The Loudred were shown during the club/underground battle scene, and honestly, they are just kind of scary. Their speaker-ears and big, gaping mouths make them hard to look at, and they come off as rather nefarious. While it’s true that not all Pokémon are cute, we are fine with leaving these ones behind for now and focusing on other varieties in future movies.


Jack is Tim’s childhood friend, and while he’s not in the movie for very long, he was a funny, enjoyable character. The scene at the beginning of the movie where he tries to get Tim to capture a Cubone is both sweet and hilarious.

Jack could easily return as a supporting character in a future film, especially one that is a direct sequel. While he might not have been in the movie very much, the scene he was in is very memorable.


Psyduck is another one of the Pokémon in the movie who was almost a central character. This particular Psyduck, the companion to Lucy Stevens, had a lot of personality. Audiences grew to care about him and worry about his state of mind.

Seeing Psyduck and Pikachu interact was also super adorable. Having a Psyduck as one of the main Pokémon also connects back to the original series where Misty had a Psyduck. This character was funny and cute and could easily feature in future movies.


These Pokémon were some that were featured in the film, and honestly, they were kind of scary. While they couldn’t help going into attack mode after inhaling the gas, even in their normal state they are a bit creepy.

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Their tails have a hand-like appendage on the end, and it’s clear they are a mischievous kind of Pokémon directly inspired by certain kinds of monkeys. Detective Pikachu spends more than enough time focusing on them, and future movies could introduce new kinds of Pokémon instead.


Justice Smith in Detective Pikachu

Tim Goodman is the main character in the movie, so it makes sense that he would come back in future movies if they make them. While Tim isn’t interested in Pokémon at first after feeling like his dad choose them over him, he grows to love Detective Pikachu and care about Pokémon in general.

It would be great to see how his story develops and if he gets his own companion Pokémon since, technically, Pikachu is his father’s. A sequel revolving around him could also delve deeper into the world of Pokémon training and its implications in this world.


Mewtwo in Detective Pikachu

Mewtwo played a big role in this story, but there are still many unanswered questions about him. While fans of Pokémon will already know about his tragic backstory and his desire to free Pokémon from humans, this issue isn’t explained super well in the movie.

Mewtwo deciding to save Harry Goodman by putting his mind into Pikachu seemed like a quick turnaround for someone who didn’t like humans at all. As one of the most powerful Pokémon with one of the most interesting and tragic stories, a future movie could definitely delve deeper into him as a character and possibly introduce Mew as well.


While Roger Clifford might not have been the bad guy like the movie set up at first, it doesn't mean he was a likable character. His father, Howard, was the true bad guy and mad man all along, and he even had an experimented on Ditto impersonate his son.

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While Roger definitely had a horrible father and is actually a pretty decent guy, he still isn’t exactly likable. Leaving him out of the story in future installments would make sense, as he’s not the most charismatic character.


Of course, the one character that most everyone loves is Pikachu. Detective Pikachu was adorable and the best part of the movie. Sadly, he wasn’t actually just a super smart Pikachu that was able to communicate with Tim but was instead merged with Harry Goodman during this time.

However, we still love Pikachu and want to see more of him. Pikachu has been a staple of the franchise since the original show, and future movies wouldn’t be the same without him.

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