New 'Stargate Universe' Details Emerge

With the premiere of Stargate Universe (SGU) headed our way, some are expecting the same-ol', while others are hoping for something new. Despite the public statements about having a younger cast, they've still injected some seasoned veterans in the mix in the form of Robert Carlyle and Lou Diamond Phillips.  That makes for a nice mix to draw various viewing hopefuls into the fray of watching the show.

It seems that it just might be possible that the creative forces behind SGU are concerned with the show looking like all the other shows. To try and keep it a fresh experience, they've decided to mix up a few things, including the use of different camera techniques to film the series.

Different Things About SGU

The Ancient ship (called "Destiny") will have technology on board that will allow the crew to relate back to Earth, keeping the planet in the show.

The aliens they encounter at first will be very alien. Non-humanoid that is.

The Gate dialing equipment is said to be very cool and different from what we've become accustomed to on Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1.

The biggest change we're going to be experiencing is the end result of what we see regarding how they film the show.

What SGU's creator Robert C. Cooper has indicated is that they're going for the appearance of a documentary-like ambiance while blending a sense of reality that's being brought together. And with it, possibly a fresh new way to experience the Stargate franchise.

The inspiration for this idea for Cooper came from how Joss Whedon's Firefly was shot. He said that they used a lot of hand-held angles and cameras mounted in non-traditional locations.

We Can Hope It's Good

As far as new, I hope they "bring it" and bring it good, because they have a lot to live up to besides just continuing the franchise overall or an existing chapter like Altantis or SG-1. They need to make it very compelling for us to keep watching, or even to start watching for that matter.  So far, I've only seen a few previews and all they've all been of the scene where the staff find themselves under great duress.

This new camera technique they're talking about worries me and has me pondering...

I'm worried that what we saw In the Stargate Universe preview video we brought to you back in early April might be what we're going to get throughout the whole series. If so, I am not looking forward to tossing my cookies every Friday on schedule. It's probably not going to be that bad, but I've seen "live, feel like you are there" filming techniques that make me want to spin my cookies.

My big question is about whether this is something that is being thought of to be unique and fresh or if there are budgetary restrictions that might be making this happen?

That isn't necessarily a bad thing. When Supernatural got their budget cut for the present season, it forced them to cut back on special effects and focus more on simple character settings. That has worked very well for them as it's forced them to create character driven episodes and they've got the writing talent creating compelling stories from that restriction. I can only hope this new rendition of our favorite franchise, Stargate Universe, can aspire to be as good or better than its Stargate predecessors.

Source: Gate World

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