New Details On Rob Liefeld's 'Youngblood' & 'Capeshooters'

In February, Screen Rant reported that beloved director Brett Ratner would be helming the big-screen adaptation of Rob Liefeld's 1990's Avengers knock-off original comic book series, Youngblood. Today we've got more info on Youngblood for you, including who is writing the script, what the plot is likely to focus on, and the shocking news that a major character from the Youngblood comics WON'T be making the transition to the big-screen.

We've also got a bit of info on another upcoming Liefeld project called Capeshooters, which is sounding a bit more interesting (to me) than Youngblood.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld explained that the screenwriting team of J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani are currently half-way through a first draft of the Youngblood script. Lavin and Damiani are also currently working on adapting another Liefeld project for the big-screen: the upcoming graphic novel Capeshooters, which follows two slackers who make their living videotaping superhero exploits, only to discover that a major superhero is actually a nefarious villain (sounds much more interesting than Youngblood, right?).

Lavin and Damiani's script for Youngblood will try to balance the comic book's mix of violence, big action, and (ahem) deep meditation on politics and celebrity culture. As far as the story goes, Youngblood will focus on the relationship between team newcomer Hawkeye Shaft (a bow and arrow-wielding marksman) and veteran hard-ass special ops soldier, Chapel. According to Liefeld:

They don’t like each other...Shaft is the new kid on the block in the movie, and he and Chapel have to put aside their differences to save the Youngblood program.”

For those who never read Youngblood, it's about a team of superheroes sanctioned by the government (for better AND worse), who are generally regarded by the public as rockstars. This conflict (between notions of celebrity, military duty and true heroism) was best personified in the comic books by the character of Badrock, who was basically Thing from Fantastic Four (a big rocky strong guy), only with the alter-ego of a teenage boy who idolized Youngblood and the whole idea of living a superhero's life.

Badrock won't be making the cut of the first Youngblood film.

Sorry Youngblood fans, but Badrock won't be included in the film version's cast of characters - at least not in the first movie - a decision made by Liefeld himself: "[Badrock] doesn't fit in the first film."

Ok... I would've thought old Badrock was the perfect character to build the film around. You have him be the newbie on the team, and use fanboy idealism and naivete as an access point for the audience into what Youngblood is all about. But hell, what do I know about making movies?

Rob Liefeld, on the other hand, has some... other ideas on how to draw the audience to the theater for Youngblood:

“There are characters that have micro-cameras installed on their bows, their arrows, their semiautomatic rifles, their bo staffs... You’re getting footage from a thousand angles, from the casing on their weapons to their armor.”

“When Youngblood goes live, the whole word watches,”

So... what? Youngblood is going to be a movie version of the first superhero reality show? Why do I want to see camera angle shots from the casing of a weapon or an arrow or a bullet flying at hight speed? Does the name Wanted ring a bell????

I'll confess: I liked Image Comics' initial run of Youngblood. The first 12 issues or so were a welcome (read: violent) departure from the candy-coated Avengers comics of the time, and introduced me to Shadowhawk, who is still one of my favorite Image heroes. But this Youngblood movie is already sounding doomed, IMO. Count me on board for Capeshooters, though: that film sounds like it could be interesting.

How do you feel about Rob Liefeld's Youngblood movie? For fans of the comics: how do you feel about Badrock being nixed from the film? For those just hearing about this for the first time, what sounds more interesting to you: Youngblood or Capeshooters?

Source: MTV News

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