Detailed Look At Star Trek (Toy) Prop Designs

There have been images of Playmate toys related to the new Star Trek movie floating about, but today I came across the cleanest versions of them yet. There are pics of the the new transporter room and bridge plus a detailed look at the new tricorder.

Oh and a first clear look at the phaser. :-)

Now keep in mind of course that these are toys, and probably prototypes at that - so don't get all wound up if they don't look as great as you might expect. Also, I understand that the phaser doesn't look nearly as shiny as depicted below, but has more of a brushed steel look with grey highlights that harken back to the original props.

And as a bonus there's a two view line drawing of the new Enterprise, with a comparison against the original movie version of the NCC-1701.

New Star Trek transporter room

New Star Trek Enterprise bridge

New Star Trek tricorder

New Star Trek communicator

New Star Trek phaser

Compare original movie NCC-1701 to new design(Click on image for larger version)

I have to say that the new ship design doesn't look as bad to me in this comparison image, but I still think that the rear of the secondary hull looks too thin and I wish the support pylons attached to the nacelles farther back. It looks like there is no way those pylons could support the nacelles from an engineering standpoint.

The tricorder isn't bad - looks like a cross between the Next Generation design and the original. The phaser? Not to sure about that one... I think they may have gone all shiny on it so it looks better on camera, it certainly has lots of gizmo details. If you want larger versions of all of these images click on the Flikr link below.

So what do you think?

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

Sources: Flikr (hat tip to AICN),

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