Amazingly Detailed Millennium Falcon is Made Only of Wood

Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

Star Wars fans are constantly displaying their love for the franchise combined with their talents, doing impressive stuff such as this huge, incredibly detailed wooden replica of Han Solo’s beloved ship, the Millennium Falcon. Whether it’s through fan-art, videos, or building the biggest LEGO set to date, there are countless ways for fans to show their passion for Star Wars.

Incredible cosplays, homemade LEGO darksabers, and even a BB-8 snowman are just a few things that fans have created. The latest to garner interest of the internet is one of the most impressive pieces: a highly detailed Millennium Falcon made of wood, with details such as glowing backlights, a rotating laser cannon and sensor dish.

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The official Star Wars website has a section dedicated to highlighting the never-ending creativity of fans, especially those who craft amazingly detailed version of Han Solo's ship. Former woodworker Martin Creaney worked on his Millennium Falcon replica for over 15 months. The ship, described by Creaney as a “huge, bloody monstrosity,” is 6-feet-long, 5-feet-wide, and is on display inside his home in Australia. Originally, the plan was to build the front third of the ship, with the intention of mounting it in his home as if it had crash-landed through the ceiling. Once he started working on the piece, he decided to go all the way and build the whole Falcon, although by then it was too late to scale down.

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The Millennium Falcon is packed with details in every corner. That can be a huge obstacle when recreating the ship on a big scale, which is why Creaney decided to not spend another 15 months detailing the underside of the ship and instead focused on the top side, getting as close to the real thing as he could.

The Falcon is not Creaney’s first Star Wars-related wooden piece. He has previously built a cherry finish Shuttle Tydirium, a life-sized replica of Chewbacca’s bowcaster, an AT-ST model, an X-Wing, and an R2-D2 that he would rather forget as it was an early experiment. Among his plans for the near-future is a recreation of Boba Fett’s helmet.

Creaney’s plan for his impressive Millennium Falcon is for it to be out in the world, “in a gallery or a public space almost permanently so that other people can enjoy it.” Hopefully, this plan can be fulfilled and the Falcon can tour around for fans to appreciate all the hard work he put in every detail of the ship.

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