Destiny: The Taken King Secret Mission Revealed

Destiny: The Taken King has been available for a little over a week now, solidifying the numerous changes Bungie made to the game with update 2.0. Players have had the opportunity to explore the new crucible modes, the Dreadnaught, and take part in the game's biggest raid to date.

The Taken King broke Playstation 4 download records upon release, becoming the most-downloaded game on launch day in Playstation history. Reviews of the game's new content have been largely positive, with many noting that there has never been a better time to try Destiny. As players continue to explore the new hub world and missions, new features and hidden secrets are slowly coming to light that further enhance the new experience.

Case in point, a group of Destiny players recently discovered a secret mission in the game, one that awards players with a new exotic sniper rifle called the Black Spindle. You can watch the secret mission play out in the video above. The secret is hidden in today's daily heroic story mission, "Lost to Light".

As detailed by Kotaku, the secret mission will prove to be a challenge for even the most seasoned players. To access the mission, you must launch the "Lost to Light" campaign mission and play through as quickly as possible without your team wiping. When you reach the escape route, run past the third door (the one that requires three relics) and continue down the path until you reach a Fallen ketch. Assuming everything has been done correctly, you will have ten minutes to clear the entire ketch of high-powered enemies. Running out of time will boot your team back to orbit.

The Black Spindle Destiny

However, if you do manage to complete the secret mission, you will be awarded the Black Spindle. This sniper is a new version of Year 1's Black Hammer and regenerates ammo when the player scores enough critical hits. Black Hammer was affected by the Year 2 weapon rebalancing and is no longer as powerful, so player's looking to replace it would do well to gather a fire team and attempt to complete this mission before the daily heroic mission resets.

The Taken King has already proven to be an expansive update to Destiny, with hours of additional content and the complete reworking of the games' many systems. However, as this video shows, there's still more to be discovered. The fact that the Black Spindle was not included in the previously revealed exotic weapon list is an enticing reason to go back and further explore previously completed missions. There are undoubtedly more secrets in the expansion just waiting to be discovered by diligent players.

Destiny: The Taken King is now available for purchasing.

Source: Metacritic, Kotaku

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