Bungie Reveals New Exotic Gear For Destiny: The Taken King

Nearly a year after its initial release, Destiny is set to undergo a massive transformation. Dubbed 'Destiny Year Two' by developer Bungie, the game's fundamental mechanics and loot system are going to be overhauled with the upcoming expansion - the game's largest add-on to date -  The Taken King. The update aims to simplify the more nebulous aspects of the game while simultaneously addressing some of the complaints players have had over the last year.

The loot system is one of the most important facets of the game, prompting Guardians to run through Strikes and Raids in an attempt to earn the best weapons and armor. Unfortunately, with the release of The Taken King, many of the existing exotic weapons will be re-balanced and made potentially obsolete. Fan-favorites, such as Thorn and the almighty Gjallarhorn, are going to be the biggest targets as the developers aim to encourage players to upgrade and try out the game's newest gear.

To help soften that blow, Bungie is releasing lots of details this week about the new exotic weapons and armor players will find after the launch of The Taken King. Taking to Instagram today, the developer released information on three new weapons and three pieces of armor, one specific to each character class. Each piece bears a new perk that doesn't exist in any gear from year one.

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The Chaperone is an exotic shotgun that fires only a single slug, allowing for easier precision kills. This will allow the gun to function as a more powerful scout rifle. The weapon will grant players an agility boost when it's equipped, and precision kills briefly increase the weapon's handling, range, rate of fire and stability.

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Telesto is a new exotic fusion rifle from Queen Mara Sov's arsenal. The weapon fires projectiles that attach to the target, detonating after a delay with a powerful void blast. Earning a multikill with Telesto will drop orbs of light. The weapon seems to be similar to The Needler, a favorite weapon from Bungie's previous franchise Halo.

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Sleeper Simulant is another exotic fusion rifle, however this one functions as a heavy weapon rather than a secondary weapon. It's incredibly powerful and when fully upgraded, the rifle essentially serves as a rail gun. Its laser can cut through multiple enemies, as well as ricochet off of any solid surface.

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Empyrean Bellicose, the new exotic helmet exclusive to Titans, resembles a medieval knight's helmet. It was crafted during the Golden Age when humanity prospered throughout the solar system. The helmet allows its wearer to levitate for a short period when they're aiming their weapons in the air, allowing a player to build a sort of sniper's nest anywhere on the map. It also allows the orbs of light to recharge the melee meter if the super meter is full.

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Alchemist's Raiment allows Warlocks to change lead to gold, so to speak. Primary weapon ammo picked up while wearing this armor has the chance to give the player bonus glimmer, the currency in Destiny. The chestpiece also applies orbs of light to the grenade and melee meters when the super meter is full.

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Sealed Ahamkara Grasps are exclusive to the Hunter, adding a vicious version of brass knuckles to the character. Equipping these gauntlets will allow players to have a second melee charge, useful for close quarters. Additionally, melee damage has a chance of reloading the character's primary weapon instantly. This will give player's backed into a corner in the Crucible a better chance of surviving the encounter.


Bungie is also planning a livestream event for tomorrow, August 26th, to showcase more of Destiny: The Taken King where more details will be revealed. The stream will be hosted by Bungie community manager Deej, joined by James Tsai (design lead) and community guest Mr. Fruit. The livestream will show off the Dreadnaught, the expansion's new location, as well as a never-before-seen Strike against the Cabal. Presumably, the developers will be showing off the new exotic weapons, along with new Ghost dialogue from industry veteran Nolan North.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15th, 2015. The livestream begins at 11 a.m. PST and will be available here.

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