Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Strike & New Subclass Gameplay Revealed

Destiny The Taken King Weapons

It has been a long road for Destiny. After a high-profile beta and successful launch, the Destiny player base was quickly divided into two vocal camps: those who believe Bungie has underwhelmed, or outright failed, with the new project and others who stuck with the title - dedicating hundreds of hours, grinding for the best gear. No doubt, there are plenty of casual gamers in between the two extremes but players who pushed through Destiny's convoluted end-game content, which required light-infused armor for higher progression levels, have argued that the real Destiny doesn't start until level 20 - where Guardians truly forge their own legend.

As a result, while many gamers have abandoned the title for greener pastures, there is still a very large (and loyal) community that still plays - and is fervently looking forward to the changes, not to mention improvements in Year 2 of Bungie's 10-year plan for Destiny. Year 2 begins with the release of The Taken King expansion on September 15 and, after detailing how existing gear will (or will not) be carried over, the developer is once again taking to Twitch to unveil more of The Taken King via the new strike mission: Shield Brothers.

Leading up to the reveal, Bungie released a trailer for the strike, teasing new details they intend to debut in the Twitch stream, including:

  • Ghost voice: Nolan North voice work revealed
  • Story details: The Cabal crashed a ship into the Dreadnaught
  • Boss details: The Shield Brothers (Valus Mau'aul and Valus Thu'urn)
  • The Dreadnaught map: five story missions, two strikes, a raid, and patrol

Of course, the full Twitch stream goes into much greater detail. Assuming readers do not mind being spoiled, the live feed is available for viewing at the top of the page - and goes live at 11:00 am Pacific Time. After that, we'll update this post with highlights - and an embedded video of the entire Strike stream.

The Taken King Destiny Mission Map Dreadnaught

Bungie is making a big push to get new players onboard Destiny in Year 2. A number of recent ads tout that The Taken King as the best time to get in on the action - especially since new players will be able to purchase the entire Destiny experience so far (including Destiny, The Dark Below, The House of Wolves, and The Taken King) for only $59.99 - as well as receive an XP boost consumable that will bring one new character up to the current Taken King XP level. The boost will allow new players, or those who never played past level 20, to jump right into The Taken King content without grinding.

It's hard to argue with Bungie's claims. In spite of what skeptical gamers might say about Destiny, the developer has been extremely sensitive to the player community throughout Year 1. While some gamers might not agree with every decision Bungie has made, it's clear that the studio has (and continues to) make strides to improve the Destiny experience - whether subtle quality of life tweaks (turning in bounties from the player menu), honoring the hard work of existing players (carrying select exotics into Year 2), as well as investing in new resources to deliver the epic-scale sci-fi storytelling Bungie once promised (with more cinematic events and an all-new narrator in The Taken King).

Destiny The Taken King Weapons

The stream showcases cabal, hive, and taken encounters - as well as another detailed breakdown of the subclasses. While the footage did not feature the new exotics, revealed previously on Instagram, or the more "cinematic" approach to storytelling the studio has promised, viewers were treated to a closer look at boss encounters with Valus Mau'aul and Valus Thu'urn in addition to voice work from North and Nathan Fillion. Bungie also indicates that killing strike bosses have the chance of dropping exclusive loot (guns or armor) that make the strike encounters more rewarding.

If the Dreadnaught strike trailer is any indication, Bungie is learning from past mistakes - and Year 2 could deliver good reasons for players to continue (or resume) their journey to becoming legend.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15th, 2015.

Source: Bungie

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