Destiny Adds Official Sparrow Racing League

Though the game is over a year old at this point, Destiny is still one of the most played (and most talked about) games of the current console generation. Despite a bumpy development cycle and an underwhelming story, the game continues to thrive, thanks to its solid gameplay mechanics.

Destiny was largely reinvigorated with the launch of its expansion The Taken King earlier this year. The DLC not only altered the fundamental mechanics of the game, but it introduced a number of new quests and placed more emphasis on character development. Bungie is consistently making changes and adding new components to the game, keeping fans satiated with evolving content.

Bungie announced a new multiplayer mode during the PlayStation Experience keynote called the Sparrow Racing League. The Sparrow Racing League is exactly what it sounds like. Six Guardians mount their Sparrows and compete in a dangerous race through enemy-occupied territory. Throughout the course there are a number of "boost gates" that will give the Sparrow a temporary boost of speed, as well as a number obstacles that players can use against their opponents.

In an attempt to keep things fair, the Sparrows are largely the same in terms of speed, handling, etc. However, outside of their core stats, the vehicles are fully customizable. There will be a number of skins and paint jobs for both the Guardians and their Sparrows, and the players can wear whichever gear they want from their inventory. There will be two race courses: one set on Venus and the other on Mars, as well as quests and bounties within the game mode. Sparrow racing is an event that will last for three weeks, starting on December 8th. Players must own The Taken King expansion to participate.

Destiny Sparrow Racing League

Racing is an oft-requested feature according to Bungie, with some players starting their own racing leagues independent of the developer. Bungie has made a point of listening closely to fan feedback, attempting to tailor the game to the interests of their dedicated fanbase. This was previously reflected in all of the changes to Destiny in year 2 and further affirmed by the introduction of the racing game mode.

Bungie's games have always had a vehicle component, and they've previously experimented with a racing multiplayer mode in Halo: Reach. Still, this is a departure from what fans would expect from the developer. The Live Team, the section of Bungie focused on the multiplayer, considers the mode an experiment. Until fans give their feedback, there's no guarantee the Sparrow Racing League will last more than this initial three weeks.

Destiny: The Taken King is available now. Sparrow Racing League begins on December 8th, 2015.

Source: Bungie

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