Destiny Servers Completely Shutdown After Shadowkeep Launch Crashes

The Destiny servers are down following the launch of Shadowkeep and New Light across Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Shadowkeep marks the latest expansion for Destiny 2, a game that has been at the center of some of the biggest stories in gaming this year following developer Bungie's separation from Activision. The expansion is set to deliver a slew of new weapons and areas for experienced Guardians to explore. Conversely, the New Light offering is a free-to-play initiative to allow gamers to try the game out for themselves before buying it.

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Both are, admittedly, brilliant plays by Bungie as the studio sets off on building Destiny 2's existing player base. So when both were set to launch on the same day, it was almost expected that there would be server issues. Unfortunately, those quasi-expectations have been realized, with widespread server issues eventually leading to an entire takedown of the servers while Bungie gets to work on fixing existing issues.

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Initially, the problem was reported as log-in issues from users across the original Destiny and Destiny 2. Shortly after confirming that those reports were being looked into, Bungie confirmed that both servers were being taken down for emergency service via Twitter. This remains the case, as the studio works to address what would safe to assume is at least a modest increase of users on its existing servers. As of this writing, there's no known time on when they'll be back up.

Given that titles like World of Warcraft Classic had prolonged wait times during its launch and even Gears 5 had server issues, Destiny 2 was bound to experience something similar. Still, it's a disappointing reality of the current gaming ecosystem. Sometimes it's best just to wait for everything to stabilize in the wake of a game's launch before jumping into something that may or may not work at launch.

Bungie is sure not to let these launch day hiccups stand in its way though, as the studio has big plans in place to continue growing. The first thing on its to-do list? Expanding the franchises that it is actively working on. Bungie CEO Pete Parson recently confirmed that there are plans to work on new games outside of Destiny. One of these titles is heavily rumored to be a new property called Matter. Details are still missing on that title, but it's safe to say that Bungie is probably more focused on getting Destiny back online than discussing that title at this point in time.

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Source: Twitter - BungieHelp