Destiny's Next Expansion 'Rise of Iron' Revealed

Destiny - The Taken King DLC

Activision won't be hosting their own booth at E3 this year (neither will Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, and for that matter) and it's not too surprising given the evolving nature of the annual trade show, the direct-to-consumer access publishers now have via live streams and social media, and the lack of games Activision has to show.

After the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal resulted in a literal "dislike campaign" against it and the negativity surrounding the slow development, lack of story, and heavy shift towards microtransactions in Destiny, we can see why Activision may not want to spend big for an E3 presence. They will still be there however, with gameplay to show at the other press conferences, including a big reveal for active Destiny players.

Destiny 2 isn't coming until 2017 and while there's been little on the content front for the base game since The Taken King made major strides, the next expansion is about to be revealed and we already know what it's titled thanks to a leak last night on Reddit which inside sources verified to Kotaku. Here's our first look at Destiny: Rise of Iron:

Destiny: Rise of Iron Reddit Leak

The expansion likely won't release until September, marking a long time in between expansions since The Taken King, but expect a full reveal at E3 2016 during the PlayStation press conference - that's where gameplay footage will also be shown for this year's Call of Duty.

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Here's what we can gather from what Kotaku's sources revealed and what we can see from the art and current lore/characters of the game for what sort of content the expansion is believed to include:

  • Rise of Iron is bigger than the Year One expansions (The Dark Below, House of Wolves)
  • Includes a new Fallen-themed Raid (the one cut form House of Wolves)
  • Lord Saladin (the point of contact for the Iron Banner) could be the quest giver since it's him featured on the art.

Expect a rise in light level and plenty of new gear and weapons to go along with the new story missions, Crucible multiplayer and of course, the new raid.

As for what's next, with Destiny 2 reportedly having been redesigned/rebooted (hence its delay) similar to how much of the plans for Destiny 1 were trashed, it's hard to feel too confident in the direction and delivery dates of future content. Still, any new missions and gear to search for is a win for the active community as long as Bungie cuts back on the grind (like they did in repairing the infuse/upgrade mechanics on gear/weapons).

What do you want Destiny to change or add the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Sources: Reddit, Kotaku

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