Destiny Player Beats Raid Boss Using Rock Band Drums

One of Destiny's guardians has found the most unusual way of defeating the raid boss, Crota - by using a Rock Band drum kit as his controller!

Destiny Crota Raid Boss Solo Rock Band Drums

Gamers enjoy a good challenge, and for the guardians in Bungie's Destiny there's no bigger challenge than defeating a boss in one of the game's three raids. Typically, a guardian needs a good fireteam to complete a raid; a group of roughly six players with the time, skill, and gear needed to tackle the toughest of end game content. However, for the more elite and most experienced guardians the challenge comes from defeating a raid boss all by themselves.

Soloing a raid boss has become something of a rite of passage for Destiny's top players - and guardians have achieved this in various ways. Some will utilize a unique class skill or one of the game's top guns, while others have exploited one of Destiny's many glitches (like unplugging a LAN cable to defeat Crota). Reddit user GladHeAteHer182, however, has undoubtedly found the most unique way of slaying the boss - using as his controller a Rock Band drum kit.

You can watch GladHeAteHer182 complete the last sequence of Crota's End using his customized drum kit controller above - but if you're just looking for the moment of triumph, skip to the 7:10 mark.

I don't know about you, but it can challenging enough just using your average Playstation or Xbox controller and I cannot imagine moving and shooting (let alone reloading, switching weapons, throwing grenades, etc.) with a drum kit controller. It's nuts! But GladHeAteHer182 makes it look like a breeze. Wonder if EA or Harmonix put him up to it as a little cross promotion for the forthcoming Rock Band 4?

Now that Crota has been defeated by a drum solo, we have to wonder what's next? Will some intrepid guardian next face the Son of Oryx armed with nothing more than a guitar adapter? That'd be totally metal. Or how about a hack that lets guardians face a raid boss with a motion controller? Just imagine swinging around a Wiimote like it's the Sword of Crota!

Destiny Crota Raid Boss Solo Rock Band Drums

Crota, however, is old news to many of the top players in Destiny since the release of the game's latest expansion - The Taken King. This content's raid, King's Fall, has guardians facing off against Crota's father, Oryx, who isn't all too happy about his son's death (not to mention all of those ridiculous ways players have killed him). Only time will tell what crazy new ways players will discover to defeat Oryx, but until then, the King's Fall hard mode should prove extremely challenging for anyone looking to take down the Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King is now available.

Source: Reddit (via VG247)

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