Destiny Celebrates Halloween With Festival of The Lost

Destiny Oryx Mask

As Halloween draws closer, there's a distinct shift in tone across the entertainment mediums. Horror movies are played on repeat, television shows release their Halloween-themed episodes, and horror games are given a marketing boost across various marketplaces. It's the time of year that celebrates not only the things we fear, but the long-standing traditions of wearing costumes and asking strangers for something good to eat.

Those traditions carry over to video games particularly well. Games can explore all aspects of the holiday, with light-hearted games like Costume Quest celebrating tradition while games like Amnesia and Soma seek to terrify the player. With the resurgence of horror games across all platforms, there's no shortage of content to keep gamers entertained through the Halloween weekend.

Destiny aims to join in the festivities, with developer Bungie recently announcing their live event - Festival of the Lost. In celebration of the holiday, the Tower has been redecorated and sound effects like screams and wolf howls can be heard throughout the social area.  The event itself includes new quests, consumables, and themed gear for Halloween, including candy and wearable masks. There are also three new emotes available during the event, including the iconic dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Upon starting the Festival of the Lost quest, your Guardian will be gifted with something called the Treasures of the Lost, a mystery bag containing at least one mask and a random assortment of items. From there, you must go to the various NPCs on the Tower, collecting candy from each of them.

Destiny The Taken King Master Rahool
Master Rahool celebrates by dressing as an Exotic Engram

Festival of the Lost runs from October 26th to November 9th - and while The Taken King expansion isn't required to take part in some of the festivities, many of the quests and items will be unavailable without it. Most of the consumables and items attained during the event will no longer be available once the Festival comes to an end, with only Legendary Masks carrying over into the main game.

Though the first year of Destiny was flawed, by most accounts The Taken King updates have largely made the game more enjoyable. For those who have already begun to tire of the Crucible or the King's Fall Raid, the Festival of the Lost should provide a welcome change of pace. It's nice to see Bungie celebrating the holiday with such fervor, embracing the fun of Halloween and countering the game's typically somber story threads. Here's hoping there's another festival celebrating the winter holidays later this year.

Destiny: The Taken King is now available.

Source: Bungie

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