Destiny is Becoming A Dungeons & Dragons Game

Destiny Getting Dungeons and Dragons Game

Destiny will be taking its brand of complex alien weaponry and space magic onto kitchen tables everywhere soon, thanks to the fan-made D&Destiny. The project aims to be a completely free guide to a Destiny tabletop roleplaying game, using Dungeons & Dragons 5E as a base for its rules.

Dungeons & Dragons is an iconic property belonging to Wizards of the Coast, which is now a subsidiary of toy and game giant Hasbro. D&D has existed for decades now, but recently experienced a renaissance thanks to its inclusion in popular media like the hit Netflix exclusive Stranger Things. The game is played using homemade characters that have randomly-generated stats, and progression is sustained by the creativity of the party and the Dungeon Master, a player who is in control of the story and the world surrounding the rest of the party.

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D&Destiny isn't available yet, although Patreon supporters can get early access and beta testing. According to its creator, who was recently interview by Kotaku on the project, the game already features a combat system design, races, classes, unique mechanics that pertain to the Light and Darkness zones featured in Destiny gameplay, and, of course, a bestiary's worth of monsters. The project director, who goes by Kitty, has described the game as fully functional and "loads of fun" according to its playtesters. There's even a detailed basic class table that shows just how much effort has already gone into D&Destiny:

DandDestiny Class Sheet
DandDestiny Enemy Captain Sheet
DandDestiny Strike Sheet

Every class will get its own abilities, proficiencies, and a super ability. D&Destiny is clearly being made with the intent of preserving the feel of Bungie's shooter as best it can, and the nods to different gameplay mechanics and the features that have made Destiny and Destiny 2 such an enduring force will definitely be well-received by fans. While Dungeons & Dragons itself has been ported into all kinds of different variants, D&Destiny feels like it could be on the verge of creating something truly special, an intersection of two incredibly passionate fanbases meeting in the middle of all the things that make both games great.

Apparently, fans aren't going to have to wait too much longer to get their hands on a playable version of D&Destiny publicly. The game's first edition target release date is in October, although it is being advertised as sometime during autumn as a hedge against any possible delays. Fans interested in the project can check out its progress and support its creators at its Patreon page.

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Source: Kotaku

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