Destiny 3 Begins Development: Rumored to be More Hardcore and RPG Focused


Bungie has reportedly started work on Destiny 3 as the developer makes significant changes to the title following what was done in Destiny 2 by making more hardcore as it leans more into its RPG style.

It has only been a little over a year after Bungie released the second game in the Destiny franchise, but the studio is already tackling what's next for the gaming series. However, while Destiny 2 received generally positive reviews mostly due to the improvements it offered from its predecessor, it seems like the video game developer is making a conscious effort to shake things up for Destiny 3.

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Reddit user AnonTheNine (via wccftech) has shared some vital information regarding the supposed third installment in the Destiny franchise. The source is well-known in the Destiny community for having revealed information about the series that turned out to be true. According to him, Bungie has already started working on Destiny 3 with plans to make it more hardcore and RPG-based. Check out his notable statements below:

Nope. The development is starting right now. Chris Barrett game director. Luke Smith still there in a big role.

Guardians using Darkness. Open World PvPvE areas.

I’ve never said it would be like that joke that the Dark Zone is. Never. Think more about it like fight for a territory, where PvP is there for a reason and not for griefing the heck out of people.

Thank you. Just know that Destiny 3 will be even more “hardcore-y” than Forsaken. And finally they’re going to push the RPG side of the game.

Destiny 2 vanilla was their idea from the beginning. The “reboot” didn’t change that, the game was born to be for casuals. If Destiny 3 will really have the ideas they want to implement, trust me, a lot of Guardians who play two hours per week will abandon the game. They are going balls out with the RPG stuff.

Another takeaway from AnontheNine's revelation is the insinuation that Destiny 3 will feature Europa as a playable location. Europa was first revealed via a concept artwork all the way back in 2013, before the original game in the series even released. Additionally, he also shared that Guardians will be able to use Darkness, although he didn't disclose any specific information about this. Should this be the case, this will be a major change in the franchise's lore as gamers have only been playing on the Light side this whole time.

Despite the source's decent track record when it comes to leaking details about the franchise, it's best to treat the aforementioned information as nothing more as rumors until an official announcement from Bungie is made. Since the leaker didn't share a tentative timetable for Destiny 3, that confirmation may not come as early as fans are hoping it to be. Even if Bungie has already started work on the game, that doesn't mean that the threequel will be coming anytime soon. The original Destiny game entered development as early as 2010, and yet it didn't release until 2014. Considering that Bungie seems to be veering away from what's established in the sequel, there's a good chance that it will take them more time to create something significantly different from what came before it.

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Source: AnonTheNine (via wccftech)

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