Destiny 2 Will Only Run at 30 FPS on Xbox One X

Bungie has confirmed during E3 2017 that Destiny 2 will run at 30 frames-per-second (fps) on Xbox One X. For years, Bungie was recognized as the developer behind the immensely popular Halo franchise. Then, they decided to break off their partnership with Microsoft Studios (by selling the Halo property to the console manufacturer's in-house studio, 343 Industries) and go off on their own to create the Destiny franchise, of which the first installment hit consoles in 2014.

It has been three years since the original Destiny game released, and now the industry has seen developments in technological innovation, particularly the mass adoption of 4K. Bungie is aiming to achieve that resolution on newly created consoles PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Despite both consoles being superior to their previous iterations, Bungie still feels limited in certain aspects, especially in regard to frame-rate.

In a recent interview with Geoff Keighley on YouTube Live at E3, Bungie's design director Luke Smith confirmed that Destiny 2 will be capped at 30 fps on all consoles, including the PS4 Pro and the recently unveiled Xbox One X, though he didn't give a reason as to why the One X couldn't achieve that frame-rate despite being "the most powerful console ever created."

Destiny 2 is 30 fps on Xbox One X too says @thislukesmith on the show.

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) June 13, 2017

Considering that the PS4 Pro isn't powerful enough to support 60 fps for the upcoming sequel, due to CPU constraints, some people believe that Bungie is purposefully holding back on achieving better frame-rate for the Xbox One X due to the longstanding development and marketing partnership Activision shares with Sony PlayStation. Gamespot asked Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer about that and, though he avoided stating anything specific on the matter, he said that any sort of deal that inhibits technological innovation is detrimental to the gaming industry.

"I'll just say: I don't know anything about other development deals. ...if anybody was to do a deal to hold back technical innovation on a video game anywhere else, that doesn't feel good for the industry to me."

It was previously reported that Destiny developers had criticized Bungie's resource-intensive engine, suggesting that it wasn't suitable for online play. Given that both Destiny and Destiny 2 are among the only major online shooter games that cannot maintain 60 fps on consoles -- granted, both games have thus far achieved 1080p on both systems -- it's possible that Bungie hasn't updated their engine in quite some time, hence they may be hitting bottlenecks. It's unlikely that we'll get an answer as to why that is, but for now, the only platform that runs uncapped frame-rate is PC.

Destiny 2 hits consoles on September 6 and PC on October 24.

Source: Geoff Keighley, Gamespot

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