PlayStation Blurred Out An Xbox One Controller In Their Own Trailer

Sony recently uploaded the extended video doc for the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion, but there was something different about the video. The version on the PlayStation YouTube channel features one slight difference from the one that Activision had initially sent out. As spotted by some eagle-eyed viewers, the Xbox One controller that a developer uses during the video is blurred out in Sony's upload.

Just like the first game, Sony has a marketing deal for Destiny 2 (which is why it makes appearances at Sony press conferences). Not only are promotional materials supposed to highlight the PlayStation 4 version of the game, but there's also a deal in place for exclusive content. The upcoming Forsaken expansion will once again give PlayStation owners exclusive content for a set time period including a new strike, one gear set per class, a new ship and an exotic weapon. This isn't a practice unique to Destiny 2, as Sony also has similar deals in place with some major titles including Star Wars Battlefront 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Meanwhile, Microsoft has done the same in the past (most famously with Call of Duty) and is heavily rumored to have some third-party deals in place that will be announced at this year's E3.

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The blurred Xbox controller can be seen at 2:42 of the Destiny 2 video doc. It makes sense that Sony wouldn't want to give a spotlight to Microsoft's console, especially since they have a deal with publisher Activision in place for exclusive content. However, if they just kept the controller intact then most people wouldn't have noticed it and there wouldn't be dozens of forum threads and articles on it.

By trying to hide the Xbox One controller, all Sony has done is given it an unnecessary spotlight. It's a move that comes across as incredibly petty, especially when the PlayStation brand is at such an advantageous position when compared to Xbox at the moment. It also puts a spotlight on the practice of platform exclusive content, which has proven divisive among fans in the past.

This isn't the first time that Sony has engaged in this console war silliness and has edited trailers. They famously replaced button prompts from the E3 2017 Anthem footage, which was shown on Xbox One, to make it look as if it was being played on a PlayStation 4. The company had to even pull the footage after they got called out for it. At least this time they're not doing anything that would be in the realm of misleading marketing.

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Source: SirIsaacTheThird/Reddit (via Destructoid)

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