Destiny 2 Black Armory Guide: How to Quickly Beat Volundr Forge

Destiny 2 has finally received the long-awaited Black Armory DLC, and with it comes a brand-new challenge in the form of the Volundr Forge. This task is not for the faint of heart, but anyone eager to give it a try will have to go to several locations before the adventure will pick up. It will take some time, much like most things found within Destiny 2, but the end result will provide ample loot and a sense of satisfaction to victorious players.

The initial series of events will require Guardians to grab the Vloundr Forge quests from Spider in the Tangled Shore, before then heading to the tower, collecting up a weapon core and compound ether, and then achieving Hive multi-kills. Provided all of that is completed without a hitch, players will then be able to open up the director and find the Volundr Forge in the European Dead Zone.

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From there, players will need to go to a spawn point in Sunken Isle before then heading Southeast to a cave known as Smidur’s Cavern. From there on it'll be an epic battle between the player's Guardian and their Fireteam against a very tough boss. At least, this would be the case for anyone that doesn't have a rock-solid strategy in place. That's where this guide comes in.

Players will want to ensure that someone on their team is in possession of the Exotic Sniper Rifle known as Whisper of the Worm. This rifle is essential as it will cause the boss to repeatedly flinch, preventing him from regenerating his shield. The only thing that the other players need to do at this point is keep the WotW user protected as wave of enemies attempt to put them out of commission.

The largest problem that can come from setting up far back once this encounter has begun is getting spawn trapped. Players can become overrun with enemies as the stampede towards them, and will instantly die if these baddies get too close to the spawning area. As a result, it's good to stagger players a bit (but not too much) so that the horde's attention can shift after another gamers has been put out of commission – while still protecting the Whisper of the Worm user, of course.

This should be enough the wrap up the encounter and earn players some loot, although those not adhering to this strategy may not be so lucky. Luckily for fans, this is only the first major portions of Destiny 2's Black Armory add-on, which is set to continue growing on a weekly basis for fans of the shoot-and-loot sequel.

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