Watch: Destiny 2 Live-Action Trailer From Kong: Skull Island Director

The latest trailer for Destiny 2 sees the director of Kong: Skull Island take a crack at reimagining the first-person shooter franchise as a live-action movie. Developed by Bungie and published by Activison, the upcoming followup to 2014's Destiny will serve as both a sequel and spiritual relaunch of what was always meant to be a flagship franchise.

Based on all accounts offered thus far, Bungie has quite the revamp in store for Destiny fans with the impending release of Destiny 2 later next week. Featuring revamped mechanics recently depicted in a multi-player trailer, the new game has already generated plenty of attention in its closed beta story mission -  which will soon be followed by a scheduled PC beta event. What's more, the latest batch of content from Bungie comes in the form of a two-minute live-action spot based on the game.

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In the footage featured above, potential players can catch a novel look at the world of Destiny 2 by way of the New Legends Will Rise live-action trailer directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Fresh off his work in bringing Kong: Skull Island to life on the big screen, Vogt-Roberts has teamed up with Activison, Bungie, 72andSunny, RSA Films, and Framestore to produce the short for the global launch celebration of the new game.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts on the set of Kong: Skull Island

Designed as a means to introduce first-time players and returning Guardians alike to the core themes and characters that make up the popular sci-fi universe, the live-action trailer for Destiny 2 stars Nathan Fillion as returning protagonist Cayde-6. Alongside three fresh-faced Guardians, players are introduced into an action-packed adventure that will pit players against a psycho rhino named Ghaul, in order to save Earth from the nefarious Red Legion.

Set to the banging strains of "Sabotage" as performed by The Beastie Boys, Destiny 2 looks pretty great as a live-action short. Whether or not Vogt-Roberts' over-the-top celebration of the property's aesthetic gloss and flashy appeal will serve to sell more units next Wednesday remains to be seen. Either way, viewers of the Epic College Football Match Up between the University of Alabama and Florida State University can catch a 60-second version of New Legends Will Rise this Saturday, September 2, during the network television broadcast of the football game.

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Destiny 2 becomes available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 6, 2017, as well as PC and starting October 24, 2017.

Source: Bungie

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