Destiny 2: New Trailer & Exclusive PlayStation Content Revealed

Sony unveiled new gameplay for Destiny 2 during their E3 2017 press briefing last night, as well as console-exclusive content. It has been three years since Bungie released its latest IP, Destiny. The Washington-based developer made a name for itself creating and developing the Halo franchise for Microsoft throughout the 2000s, only to break off from the console manufacturer (thus selling off the Halo property) and forming a new partnership with Activision. After years of waiting, the developer finally released Destiny in 2014.

In the time since Destiny released, Bungie has maintained the game and sustained the fan base by releasing regular expansion packs. That will continue with Destiny 2 when the game hits systems later this year, releasing the first two expansion packs by the end of this year. Although people knew a new Destiny game was on the way, the sequel was officially unveiled only a few months ago.

During their E3 2017 press briefing, Sony revealed a brand new trailer (video above) for Destiny 2 that showcased the game's primary villain, Ghaul, whose being built up as a worthy opponent for the legion of experienced Guardians. In addition to the new trailer, Sony also revealed details regarding the game's PS4-exclusive content: "Lake of Shadows" (strike mission), City Apex (ship), Borealis (exotic weapon), Retribution (PvP map), and tons of gear. You can take a look at all the exclusive content in the video below.

Activision maintains a healthy marketing partnership with Sony PlayStation, so it makes sense that, in addition to being showcased during the company's E3 briefing, the upcoming Destiny sequel would feature content exclusive to the PS4. Of course, console-exclusive content is one of the many gripes players have with the video game industry as a whole, and it's also something that we hope changes in the next generation of video game consoles (should there be one, of course).

Similar to the original Destiny game, the PS4-exclusive content for Destiny 2 only remains exclusive to that console for the game's first year. After that first year, all of the content will release on all other platforms. Despite the game being showcased on PS4 and during Sony's E3 briefing, Destiny 2 is releasing on other platforms. It releases on Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox One X, as well as PC for the first time. Unfortunately, PC players have to wait until October 24 to get the game, over a month after the sequel hits consoles on September 6.

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Source: Sony

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