Destiny 2: The Tower's Secret Room Explained

WARNING: This guide contains minor SPOILERS for Destiny and Destiny 2


There's much more to Destiny 2 than meets the eye, but a hidden room in the game's Tower may hold a major clue towards the future of the game's fiction... and a potential cover-up in its past. It's no secret that lore has been held primarily to the background of the Destiny series, with the entire history of the Traveler, humanity's Golden Age, the Collapse, the creation of the City, and more communicated only to players actively searching for it. The search continues in Destiny 2, but this time, the developers have hidden it in a completely secret room, tucked away in the final Tower where few would find it.

Yet find it they did, as Destiny players are known to do. And whether you're interested in the cryptic lore suggested by a hidden journal, or simply exploring every single secret Destiny 2's Tower has to show you, it's a secret room you'll want to enter yourself. To find the room will require a bit of a journey, and exploring an area not likely to be spotted in regular play. Because of that, we'll do our best to be as specific as possible.

Not to mention offer a theory of what the items in the room may mean for Destiny's past - and future. And be sure to check out our other guides to Destiny 2's secret and easter eggs:

How To Find The Secret Room

When spawning in to the Tower, make a quick turn to your left and begin the regular run to the Hangar. Over the catwalk, down the stairs, around the corners to the right, and straight towards the blue-lit hallway with the large 'Hangar' marker in red on the left wall. Now, when you make this final turn at the blue light, take a moment to note your overhead surroundings.

It should be possible to see a welder on a catwalk above, with the view obstructed by a number of steel beams and supports. In the distance is the entrance to the Hangar itself, but if you've already gotten the boost to jumping and speed awarded for completing the Tower's 'Floor is Lava Challenge,' then the next part of this guide can be ignored. Simply leap up into the beams, and your Guardian should hoist themselves up right next to the welder.

If you're more interested in lore and potential teases of mysteries yet to be explored, disregard that challenge, and proceed down into the Hangar entrance. Again, pausing at the threshold.

Looking straight ahead, another welder should be visible on another overhead catwalk directly opposite the entrance. That's where you'll head, but to get there, make an immediate right turn and go up the multi-level metal staircase to its top level (then following the obvious catwalk over to the welder's location). Once you've reached his side, you should be able to look across the Hangar to the welder above the entrance - and note the railway between your location and his, specifically the gap in the railing to the right of the entrance.

Proceed to the right, but hop the railing down onto the parallel pipes (a set of bright white lights marks the spot to make the jump). Get up to a sprint and don't be afraid to cut the corner next to the massive metal pipe, and you should glide to the other walkway with ease. Then it's up the stairs, through some ductwork, and into the Tower's secret room... and the mystery of Ana Bray.

Upon entering the room overlooking the Hangar, head to the large table to find a goblet, a journal, and a few digital notepads. When investigating the items, your ghost will note who the journal originally belonged to... and why you may have stumbled onto a mystery too large to yet understand:

"Looks like a journal: Ana Bray. But I can't tell who - Pretty much the entire thing is redacted. And there are whole pages missing. Something about all this seems... wrong. Am I worrying too much?"

It's a bigger reveal than casual fans may realize. But to grasp the importance of Ana Bray, and why her personal history being censored could be a sign of a much larger conspiracy, we'll need to dive much deeper into the mythology of Destiny...

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