Destiny 2's Thorn Quest Guide: Instructions, Tips, and Tricks

Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter with Thorn

The Season of the Drifter update has now landed for Destiny 2, which means that the Exotic weapons teased by Bungie earlier this week are going to be available soon for players to collect. One of these Exotics, the anticipated Thorn, has its acquisition questline due for release on March 12. Want to get your hands on this son of a gun? Check out our tips, tricks, and instructions on how to complete the Destiny 2 Thorn questline.

Thorn is a weapon with a storied history in Destiny, augmented by the powers of the fearsome Hive, and one of the infamous Weapons of Sorrow. The hand cannon that players may have been familiar with in the past has undergone some changes, though it looks like its destructive power has only been magnified in season 6. Now, thanks to some data-mined information, we know exactly what's been tweaked.

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Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide: What's Changed?

Thorn's power lay in its damage over time perk, which some players found immensely frustrating to play against. Now, it's been revealed that season 6's iteration of the hand cannon actually retains this perk (aptly named Mark of the Devourer). It's good to see that Bungie is sticking to the thematic flavor of the weapon by holding on to its signature flair that made it both loved and hated in Crucible once upon a time.

However, this latest version of Thorn now also relies on a mechanic where Remnants absorbed from killed enemies refill your ammo and strengthen the damage done by the Mark. This change looks poised to reward a high-risk, high-reward playstyle which should only serve to make wielding Thorn even more exciting than before.

Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide: What Quests to Do

There's a few days until the Thorn questline kicks off in Destiny 2, but those who want to get a leg up on the process can follow our handy guide to the seven separate quests that you'll have to complete to pick up the Exotic.

1. A Melted Hunk of Metal

This is the first quest that you're going to have to complete. It will activate once you've looted Thorn as an item, though how players will be doing this from March 12 hasn't been revealed yet. However, once you have a damaged version of Thorn, you'll be tasked with taking it to Banshee-44 in the Tower to restore it to its former glory.

2. The Essence

Presumably, after Banshee-44 has assessed what your new killing machine needs in order to be restored to its deadly condition, you'll have to collect a lot of Hadronic Essence. Players will have the option of doing this via three specific avenues: completing specific bounties for Asher Mir, taking on Warlocks in the Crucible, and completing Nightfall strikes. The fastest way to farm up these Essences is going to be doing Nightfall strikes.

3. The Steel

Now that you've picked up an unhealthy amount of Hadronic Essence, it's time for the next piece of the puzzle: Plasteel Plating. Much like how you acquire Essence, you'll have the option of picking up this material via three specific avenues: completing specific bounties for Sloane, taking on Titans in the Crucible, and completing encounters at the Blind Well. The fastest way to farm up Plating is going to be completing Heroic Blind Well encounters.

4. The Binding

The last collectible component that you're going to have to pick up is something called Sapphire Wire. Now that you've acquired Hadronic Essence and Plasteel Plating, you should be an expert at picking up Wire. Again, you have the option of getting it via three specific avenues: completing specific bounties for Ana Bray, taking on Hunters in the Crucible, and completing an Escalation Protocol wave. The fastest way to farm up Wire will be to tackle Escalation Protocol waves.

5. Weaponize the Unknown

Now that your Thorn has all the mechanical parts needed to function, all that's missing is the weapon's connection to the otherworldly energies of the Void and the Light. In order to jumpstart said connection, you're going to have to dispatch Guardians in the Crucible in one of two ways: using Void energy, or hand cannons. Players proficient with Void hand cannons will have an easier time of this than others, and those looking to maximize their time spent will be best served by participating in Iron Banner or Competitive Crucible matches.

6. Something Yet Remains

Now that your Thorn possesses its requisite Void energy, it's time to revisit the weapon's relationship with the Hive. This bit is simple; you'll just have to talk to Tyra Karn at the Farm to relive what the world may have forgotten about the legend of Thorn.

7. The Chasm of Secrets

Armed with Thorn and with a wealth of information about how this Weapon of Sorrow gained its power, you'll have one last mission should you choose to accept it. This will involve taking on the Hive nests dotted around Titan. You will have to kill the Arbiters, Sardav and Telesh, before taking on Savathun's Song. Once you've done this, your Thorn should have its power properly restored and its legendary status well-earned.


It sounds like a lot of trouble to go to all for one weapon, but Destiny 2 Thorn's infamy and deadliness make it well worth the effort. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more iconic gun to decimate your foes with in the Crucible, and the changes made to it in season 6 should serve to excite those who are familiar with the myth behind the Exotic. Now all that's left is perhaps the hardest part of all: waiting for March 12.

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