Destiny 2: Solar Subclass Buff & New Cookbook Coming Soon

Destiny 2's Solar Subclass trees are getting a buff in the latest sandbox rework, just in time to do bring the heat for the new Destiny 2 cookbook.

Destiny 2 solar subclass buff cookbook

Destiny 2's fire-slinging Solar subclasses are getting a buff in the game's next season, just in time for the newly announced Destiny: The Official Cookbook. Destiny 2's current season, Season of the Undying, is drawing to a close, as Bungie just rolled out the season's last major scheduled content drop: the Vex Offensive Final Assault.

Undying began with the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion launch in October, which added Destiny 1's Moon destination into the game. While some players felt the expansion seemed light on content, Bungie has continually trickled out more, with the Festival of the Lost Halloween event, Altars of Sorrow activity, a new dungeon, and the Xenophage exotic machine gun quest dropping a few weeks after the expansion. Still, members of the Destiny 2 community have felt Bungie's new "seasons change the world" approach has been underwhelming, leaving players cautiously hoping for more substantial content in future seasons.

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Today's "This Week At Bungie" blog post detailed some upcoming additions to the world of Destiny, and a message from the Destiny 2 dev team about new Solar subclass rework got top billing. While Bungie is making changes to most Solar subclasses and some non-Solar ones, it has focused on three in particular: the Way of the Sharpshooter (bottom tree Gunslinger) Hunter subclass, the Code of the Devastator (middle tree Sunbreaker) Titan subclass, and the Attunement of Sky (top tree Dawnblade) Warlock subclass. The Way of the Sharpshooter is being fine-tuned to put a greater emphasis on its long-range capabilities, with new one-hit K.O. throwing knives, a perk that grants better weapon stability and handling, and shortened damage falloff range for the other Golden Gun subclass tree, Way of the Outlaw.

Code of the Devastator's Burning Maul super will last longer and its overhead slam attack will be more viable against airborne targets, and both the subclass' Throwing Hammer melee and Roaring Flames damage bonus will receive buffs. Finally, Attunement of the Sky is getting a new ranged melee ability, and the Icarus Dash and Burst Glide abilities are being reworked to make Attunement of the Sky's "air superiority" fantasy stand out against the other Dawnblade trees.

Destiny 2 grimoire book and cookbook

In addition to the subclass reworks, Bungie announced the final Season of the Undying Iron Banner tournament (set for November 26 to December 3) and two new Destiny books – the third installment in the Destiny Grimoire Anthology lore series and Destiny: The Official Cookbook. While Bungie didn't give any examples of the recipes found in the cookbook, it did say they would be inspired by the characters and locations of Destiny. The cover features some fried chicken, likely inspired by Cayde-6's poultry friend "The Colonel." It's probably safe to assume the cookbook will contain recipes inspired by Cayde's love of ramen and perhaps Eris Morn's habit of giving out raisins for the Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost event.

While it's certainly great to hear some of Destiny 2's subclasses are getting much-needed buffs, players still know very little about what's next for the game. The Bungie-Activision split early this year seemed like it could be only good news for the MMOFPS, but players have recently felt there's a lagging-behind of in-game content. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 has more plentiful and more intrusive microtransactions than ever. It's unlikely that Season of Dawn will turn things around – especially since players felt Season of the Undying was lacking despite it arriving on top of a full-on expansion – but Bungie may have to make an impression for fans to feel positive about Destiny 2's future.

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Destiny 2's Season of Dawn will begin on December 10, 2019.

Source: Bungie

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