Destiny 2's Secret 'Lava Challenge' Explained

The world of Destiny 2 is filled with dangers and fatal missions - but the secret "Floor is Lava" Challenge may be the best one yet, once players know where to find it, how to solve it, and what it awards them as a result. It's just one of several mini-games and Destiny 2 secrets players can spend their time searching for and mastering when the campaign comes to a close (and in between new Strikes and Raids). And the best news? Players don't even need to use their imaginations to fake their own death when "The Floor is Lava."

Players will need to master the art of jumping, platforming, and tightrope-walking to truly master the challenge and enjoy the boosts to speed and agility it awards. It's almost guaranteed that players will require a few attempts (or several more) before feeling confident enough to fill in their friends or fireteam, so we're here to offer help the best we can.

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How to Trigger The Lava Challenge

First things first: players will need to have completed the main story campaign to even unlock the final Tower location, so if you've yet to bring the light and fight to Ghaul, finish that mission first. After gaining access to the Tower, familiarize yourself with the objects and railings to the left of the main Courtyard spawn point. Practice enough, and gaining a boost before leaping onto the slanted face of the concrete wall should come as second nature. It's the fastest way to access the two levels above the spawn point, which will come in handy when moving onto the Glowing Tower Balls mystery. For now, scale the incline all the way to the very top of the structure.

Shift your attention to the metal walkway located to the left from this location - roughly over top of where you spawn into the Courtyard - and you'll see a few crates of fuel cells and scattered parts (big hat tip to TL;DR Games for images). It may seem like set decoration, but approach the cells, and you'll get a playful prompt: "Don't Pick Me Up." It's fair advice, too, since doing so will immediately turn all floors of the Tower into, you guessed it, lava. But that's what we've come to conquer, so pick one up anyway, and the red glow surrounding your Guardian will show you that the "The Floor is Lava Challenge" has officially begun. The metal grating doesn't qualify as floor, so you have some time to take in your objective.

Depending on a random roll, one of three different points on the Tower directly opposite the starting point will be brightly illuminated by a blue/white light. The challenge will require you to pick your way across the environment's objects and non-floor platforms, and depending on the location, will require different skills be mastered. We'll go through them one by one.

The Left Objective

The beginning is obvious enough, making the short jump from the metal grating to the stack of metal plates. From there, you have two choices: if you're feeling precise, then the short jump down to the right and onto the metal beams will get you halfway to the finish line. If you're feeling adventurous, ignore the lay up and go for the massive jump onto the plastic trays and cases sitting near the edge of the glass top to the shops below. From there, making the jumps to the metal tanks, and on to the finish is straightforward, and the physics are usually forgiving enough to make the jumps count.

The Middle Objective

As is the case with all three, players are encouraged to experiment with whatever strategies or pathways present themselves. The simplest route: head to the right of the walkway, until the railing of the lower floor is spread out in front of you, nearly all the way to the final goal. Whether dropping onto the crates below and trying to leap onto the railing next to the nearby NPCs, or simply taking the damage of crossing the gap, the end goal is simply the planters that stretch along the entire railing. Keep on going over the concrete pipes, and the drop to the finish can be accomplished several ways. If you've conserved health, a leap onto the floor below and straight to the finish will be fine. For an extra challenge, drop onto the stack of crates and containers in the corner below, and make your walk to the finish along the tops of the railings.

The Right Objective

The third and final location is the easiest to solve. Head all the way to the end of the metal grating, and make the straight jump forward onto the large, gray box at the very edge of the level. Make the turn to put the finish line in your sights, and a few jumps, drops, and railing balancing are laid out in front of you.

Quickness is Your Reward: Enjoy!

Once you've arrived at the finish, a vibration will show that the danger is over, and a prompt announcing that you have completed the challenge should pop up. The boost "Quickness" will also appear, bathing the player in a soothing, blue glow. The benefits of the glow are increased height and speed of jumping, turning the somewhat tank-ish Tower traversal into a pinball-esque nightmare in confined spaces. But don't pass up the opportunity to leap into unexplored spaces of the Tower.

Just make sure not to Fast Travel or die, or the buff will wear off, requiring another run-through of the challenge to regain your Quickness (the challenge can also be attempted with the buff activated, making it more or less difficult... personal preference may make the difference). The buff will also wear off once your Guardian leaves the Tower, since Bungie was more than willing to make their social space a bit ridiculous... but not to the point of breaking the actual gameplay anywhere else.

If you've got any tips or tricks for this or any other challenge, be sure to leave them in the comments. And don't forget to check out our other walkthroughs and guides to Destiny 2's other secret challenges:

Destiny 2 is available now.

Source: TL;DR Games

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