How to Unlock Destiny 2's Secret Traveler Ball

When the campaign of Destiny 2 ends, the real game begins: kicking colorful balls around the Tower to unlock a gigantic secret. If you've played Destiny before, then the presence of a kick-able ball in the social space shouldn't come as a surprise (the previous game has two). And if you're a fan of Bungie's developers, you know that tantalizing secrets are kind of their trademark - as evidenced by Destiny 2's totally secret Tower room. But with these balls, the team has outdone themselves.

By now players will have seen one or more of the colorful balls being kicked around the Tower (accessed once the main campaign is completed), and wondered what, if any purpose they serve. While it's not clear if the puzzle is tied to any greater goal, it's most definitely a challenge worth tackling for players eager for more Destiny content.

Four balls. Four targets. One giant unlock (literally). Let's do this. And of course, don't forget to check out our other walkthroughs and guides to Destiny 2's other secret challenges:

1. The Purple Ball

No matter the ball color or size, they will all be spawning in at the same point. It's possible that you may see one left abandoned in a corner of the Tower, and if so, it's best to knock it off into oblivion (unless it happens to be closer to its prescribed target than the default starting point). The location can be seen at the top of this guide (big thanks to TL;DR Games for the images) so to get there head slightly forward and to the left of the Courtyard spawn point of the Tower. Scale the large, angled concrete support and hop off onto the first platform. You should see the ball nestled snugly on top of a stack of metal plates, and pressed against another (just a stone's throw away from where the Tower's 'Floor is Lava' Challenge can be unlocked).

The first ball will be purple, and may be the simplest to get to its assigned destination. Knock it to continue bouncing along the metal walkway away from where you ascended, and make the large left hand turn. Drive it straight forward under the massive red sails, knock it into the large circle of darker stone at the edge of the platform, and you're finished! Fireworks will confirm the ball has reached its mark before dissolving to trigger the next in the sequence. And if you accidentally knock the ball over the railing, don't panic: there's a staircase along the way next to Master Rahool's kiosk.

2. The Green Ball

The green ball may glow the brightest of the group, but don't be fooled: this one will be the most difficult in the chain. Not just because of where the ball must be knocked, but who players will need to defeat to get it there. Mainly, other players. When standing at the ball respawn point, turn 180 degrees to face straight out, down to the end of the Tower Courtyard (towards the Titan Vanguard). Note the semi-circular, recessed concrete shops home to the Postmaster and Eververse. Just out of sight of the farthest point of the curve is a small stairwell, occupied by a single guard.

That's where the ball is headed, and as straightforward as this one may seem, it poses a unique challenge. First of all, getting the ball to glide gently into the stairwell is a finicky task - don't be afraid to knock the ball with full speed onto the top of the shops, to better position it for a gentle tap home. The bigger challenge will be the players either griefing, or having no clue that you're doing anything other than mindless fun. When the ball is knocked down the stairs, cue the fireworks, the confused guard, and the second-most challenging ball... for a more practical reason.

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