Destiny 2 Players Punished For Using Multiple Same-Class Characters

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, is penalizing players for using multiple same-class heroes. After playing Destiny 2 for a while, players began to realize that their second and third alternate classes, usually chosen to enhance their main character - known as Guardian - of the same class, started experiencing low power drops, out of the blue. The same thing applied to Luminous Engrams, which are supposedly meant to be weekly rewards. Many players took to various gaming forums to vent about this issue, as well as ask for tips on how it can be fixed. However, it was later revealed that Bungie was doing it on purpose.

Developers of Destiny 2 created it with the idea that players must choose three different classes. However, as always, players will find loopholes that will help them to progress in the game faster. In this case, players started using three characters of the same class, with two being used as workhorse minions to generate infusion. This will then serve as a catalyst for the main character to level up faster.

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Bungie was having none of that. As reported by Forbes, community manager Cosmo mentions that these nerfs are purposely done to prevent players from climbing up the ladder too easily.

I spoke with the dev team about this. They said that secondary characters of the same class don't get the weekly power bonus. They didn't want to force players to have three of the same class to create the optimal way to increase their power level.

Xur in Destiny 2

Forbes writer Paul Tassi thinks that this is a good decision on Bungie's end, but the information should have been disclosed sooner.

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) and is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Microsoft Windows version is scheduled to be released next month. This is the sequel to Destiny, in which players assume the role of a Guardian, wield a power called Light and are on a mission to protect the fictional Last City from various alien races. Led by their evil emperor Dominus Ghaul, one of the races, Cabal, infiltrate this city and take Light from all the Guardians. Hence begins the Guardians' mission to defeat Ghaul and take back their city.

Problems aside, Destiny 2 is still a vastly popular game. While it may not reach the mainstream audiences the way Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive does, it is still a big hit amongst hardcore gamers. In Japan, Destiny 2 sold more than 50,ooo copies on PlayStation 4 in its opening week, placing it firmly in the number one spot of the weekly gaming sales charts.

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Source: Forbes

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