Destiny 2 On The Comms Quest Guide: Walkthrough & Loot Items

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Destiny 2's On The Comms quest can be done after completing the story, but it can be quite confusing. There's been a lot information surrounding the Destiny franchise in recent months, thanks to Bungie splitting from Activision and taking their IP in the divorce. Even then, this Bungie/Activision change hasn't impacted the in-game events currently rolling out in Destiny 2.

One of the game's more infuriating quests that fans will be all too familiar with is called World-Eater, and it was previously without an end. Fortunately, Destiny 2's On The Comms quest has come about to finally rectify that minor annoyance.

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It can be quite challenging to complete On The Comms without some assistance, which is why Screen Rant has put together a walkthrough highlighting how to complete this Destiny 2 quest. Of course, the loot-and-shoot design of Destiny 2 also means that On The Comms is loaded with treasure to secure. A look at the Exotic weapon that can be earned is also featured below.

Destiny 2 - On The Comms Quest Walkthrough

As mentioned already, the previously unconquerable World-Eater quest was originally unconquerable, before eventually allowing fans to wrap it up within the Leviathan Raid. Not feeling content with that means of completion, players can now begin the World-Eater quest line by randomly slaughtering a number of Cabal units. Eventually one will drop an item appropriately referred to as "On The Comms."

This item in particular can be found within the the player's Power weapon slot. Once that's present within the user's inventory, they'll need to head over to the southern Cistern region of Destiny 2's Nessus. From there it's as simple as killing a handful of Red Legion soldiers to begin gathering up items for the On The Comms quest. Once done, the game will prompt players to anticipate 'the arrival of the World-Eater."

From that point on it comes down to putting an end to the life of Emperor Calus through the Leviathan Raid. This can be a challenging encounter, but there are several walkthroughs on how to complete Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid that are available to players. After this stretch is completed, fans will finally be able to lay claim to one of the most highly sought after pieces of loot as a reward for finally putting a bow on the On The Comms challenge.

Destiny 2 - On The Comms Exotic Loot

Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun is one of the prizes that awaits gamers able to complete the On The Comms quest in Destiny 2. This weapons stands as one of the most powerful shotguns in the entire game, and will make for a powerful tool for future raids and missions. Given the range of the Acrius Exotic Shotgun, it's also ideal for dispatching other players in The Crucible. It's an all-purpose weapon for Destiny 2 users and well worth the effort required to obtain.

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