Destiny 2 Multiplayer Trailer: Fight, Crush, Conquer

Destiny 2 now has a multiplayer trailer. The spacefaring sequel to Vicarious Visions, High Moon Studios, and Activision’s online-only first-person shooter, Destiny, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next month. The game will feature Nolan North’s return as the exposition machine Ghost, after he took over the role from a monotonous Peter Dinklage last time out.

Despite some underwhelmed reactions to the press previews, the hype for Destiny 2 continues to grow, aided by Nathan Fillion showing up in the Destiny 2 teaser trailer, the debut of some epic gameplay footage, and an E3 announcement of PlayStation exclusive content. There’s even a white PS4 Pro being prepped for sale, which you can only buy with a copy of Destiny 2, showing just how big of a deal this sci-fi sequel has become.

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The multiplayer side of the Destiny experience has been given a major overhaul for the sequel, with the first game’s six-versus-six, three-versus-three and two-versus-two modes being thrown out in favor of focusing on four-versus-four action. Judging by the trailer, these four on four contests will be highly competitive and extremely chaotic.

“Enter the crucible to fight, to crush, to conquer”, the ominous trailer voice commands, before proceedings descend in a flurry of laser-fire, electrocutions and colorful characters zooming about - all set to riotous sounds of Fatboy Slim’s “Push the Tempo”. The graphics certainly look like a step up, and the gameplay comes across as extremely fast paced and enjoyably unpredictable.

Although the trailer takes the time to do a few freeze frames and spotlight some characters and abilities, it doesn’t make the same effort to explain - or convey at all - the array of PvP game modes that will be available for players. Instead, the focus is very much on the thrills attached to manic multiplayer mayhem.

Three multiplayer game modes have been announced for Destiny 2: ‘Control’, which centres on the challenge of conquering zones; ‘Survival’, which is all about outlasting your opponents; and ‘Countdown’, which puts the focus on detonations - will you blow up your enemies before they do it to you?

A massive Destiny 2 PC beta preview is occurring at the end of August, so if you just can’t wait to try out these multiplayer challenges and shoot up some fresh otherworldly environments, you'll want to look into that.

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Destiny 2 arrives September 6 and expansion packs - offering brand new story missions, amongst other content - will follow this winter and next spring.

Source: Bungie/Activision

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