Destiny 2: How to Beat Kalli in Forsaken's Last Wish Raid

Here is an easy guide on how to defeat Kalli, the Corrupted - the first boss encounter - in the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC.

Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC released earlier this month and revitalized interest in Bungie's latest gaming franchise, and then this past weekend saw the release of the new expansion pack's first raid: the Last Wish. It's perhaps the most complex and difficult raid ever to release so far for this series, but that isn't stopping players from trying to unlock new gear, content, and more from it. Thankfully, there are plenty of guides to help out players - old and new - along the way.

Before embarking on an epic adventure through the Last Wish raid, however, players will need to have beaten the Forsaken story, unlocked the Dreaming City, obtain level 550, and own both the Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Once they are eligible to enter the raid and attempt to complete all five sections, they may do so - and their first raid boss encounter is Kalli, the Corrupted, who will be waiting in the Tower of Opened Eyes. Below is a guide on how to defeat Kalli in the Last Wish raid (via Arekkz Gaming).

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In this arena, there are eight symbols - specifically, four pairs of symbols - which correspond to plates in the surrounding area that players will stand on to begin the encounter and then defend from waves of enemies. Standing on the plates will summon a group of knights (one for each plate, along with a group of adds), and defeating them will trigger the next phase in which players will stand in the center of the room and attack Kalli, the raid's first boss. But first, players need to survive the waves of Taken.

While standing on the plates, it's important that players stand on the portion that isn't glowing because the part that is glowing produces exploding orbs, and so it's imperative that players continue to rotate around the plates, standing only on the parts that aren't glowing. This needs to be done all while defending the plates from the knights. Once all the knights are cleared, players will need to head to the center of the room to begin fighting Kalli directly.

Taking her down won't be quick, but after players deal a certain amount of damage, Kalli will use her special weapon - she will raise her hand in the air and a message will appear onscreen, so pay attention to those - which can instantly kill all players. To avoid dying, head straight to the green-ish doors on the edge of the center area - but only one person can fit in each safe room. Hide inside until Kalli is done using her weapon.

After that, a group of enemies will appear in the center area. Defeating them will trigger a second phase in which players can directly attack Kalli. Once she pulls out her special weapon again, everyone should go back to the green safe rooms, but only head to the doors that are directly beneath her. Players cannot head back to the same safe room they were previously in since those have already been used. This process will be done three times before the boss encounter effectively resets, forcing players to go back to their respective plates (note that their locations may have changed.) All players have to do, then, is repeat the entire process until Kalli has been defeated.

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Source: Arekkz Gaming

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