Destiny 2: How to Beat Shuro Chi in the Last Wish Raid

The Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid is now available as part of the game's new Forsaken DLC, and it's taking players quite some time to beat, especially getting passed bosses such as Shuro Chi. In order to take part in the Last Wish raid, players will first need to be a minimum of level 550, have completed the Forsaken story campaign, obtained Warmind and the Curse of Osiris, as well as unlocked the Dreaming City. It's a lot of requirements to jump into the most anticipated aspect of the new expansion, but they're very much needed.

Before reaching Shuro Chi, the Corrupted, however, players will have to take out the raid's first boss, Kalli, the Corrupted. Defeating him isn't as difficult as it will be beating the other bosses that arrive later in the raid, but it is still an arduous, complex event that requires the skills of everyone taking part in the raid. Once he's beaten, then the next boss on the lineup is Shuro Chi (h/t Arekkz Gaming). Players will have four minutes to complete this particular zone once Shuro Chi's song starts.

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Once the door opens and players enter the main room, the countdown will begin. First, take out all the enemies in the area, including the Eye of Riven Knight, and which point three orb-like weapons will drop onto three plates surrounding Shuro Chi. When that happens, the song's tempo starts to quicken. To prevent a team wipe, three players need to quickly grab ahold of each Prism Weapon and use it to shoot at the two other players who've picked up the Prism Weapons, all while standing on the plates, thus forming a triangle. This will break Shuro Chi's shield.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Bow

Players should immediately start to deal damage to Shuro Chi when the boss' shield breaks, and then after he regains his barrier, start to attack all the adds that spawn in the surrounding area. After killing the ogre, the next wave of adds will appear, so be sure to take out all the other enemies first. Once all the adds have been killed, Shuro Chi will once again drop the three Prism Weapons. Repeat the same process of breaking down her shield and dealing the necessary amount of damage to move on.

In the purple-colored puzzle room, there are nine pressure plates in the center. Players will need to stand on the correct plates in order to reach the next floor of the boss encounter. Looking at the symbols on the wall (from directly in front of them), players will notice four plates missing from the symbol. At that point, four of the six players will jump onto the four corresponding pressure plates on the ground to "fill in" the missing pieces. Repeat this process until all the symbols are filled - but only jump onto the plates once all four players are in position. It's also worth noting that each player cannot jump onto the same plate twice, regardless if it's for a different symbol. Once completed, look up and use the suspended platforms to reach the second floor.

Upon reaching the second floor, the entire process will effectively reset. Shuro Chi's song timer restarts and players will have to once again clear out all the adds in the area to have the boss drop the three Prism Weapons. Repeat the same process from the first floor of the encounter. After two damage waves against Shuro Chi, there will be another puzzle room in which players will have to complete the three symbols on the walls. Once that part is done, players will go up to the third and final floor. It's the same process on that level, only there are more enemies, so be careful not to rush in and die away from the rest of the fireteam. And if Shuro Chi isn't taking enough damage fast enough, try using the Taken Essence that drops after killing the Eye of Riven Knight.

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Source: Arekkz Gaming

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