How To Trigger Heroic Public Events In Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2-Forsaken DLC

As Destiny 2: Forsaken blasts its way onto Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, players can now find out how to unlock the elusive Heroic Events in a step-by-step guide. There is plenty to lure players back to Destiny 2 thanks to Forsaken's Gambit multiplayer mode and a brand new story following the apparently permanent death of Cayde-6. Those who want an extra challenge can test their skills by transforming two of the DLC's Public Events into Heroic Events.

With better weapons, higher levels, and more Glimmer, taking on a Heroic Event is sure to be worth the extra struggle. Turning a Public Event into a Heroic one involves some clever detective work as it isn't simply signposted in Forsaken. Although the Public Event icon will highlight where to go, this is only the start of the mission. Basically, don't do what the game tells you to do!

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Firstly, the Destiny 2: Forsaken Cryo-Pod Heroic Event is a tricky twist on the relatively simple Public Event at Tangled Shore. After a cryo-pod crashes into the map, players are tasked with eliminating the nearby enemies until the Wanted enemy emerges from its icy tomb. The vents around the pod will start to release a freezing gas that causes damage to anything nearby. By shooting the vents, frozen orbs will appear that can be thrown at the Wanted boss to freeze them in place. Stand near the boss and fight off waves of enemies until more orbs can be recovered; repeat, and wait until the meter fills all the way up to 100%. With the prisoner ready for transmat, the Cryo-Pod Heroic Event is complete.

Destiny 2-Forsaken Cryo-Pod Heroic Event

Secondly, those who want another way to boast about their Destiny 2 prowess should try out the Ether Ritual Heroic Event. Approaching a central servitor that is surrounded by ruins, players must take out three waves of Dredge Chieftains and their accompanying minions. Each wave also introduces a corrupted servitor that must not be killed. The corrupted servitor will start spitting white orbs of ether that gamers have to prevent floating towards the central servitor. Shoot and repeat until the event turns Heroic, then voila, defeat the final boss and claim the sweet bounty.

Destiny 2-Forsaken Ether Ritual Heroic Event

Public Events are here to thrill or torment Destiny 2 players, but both the Cryo-Pod Heroic Event and Ether Ritual Heroic Event are sure to challenge even the most skilled of Guardians. It is recommended that both Cryo-Pod and Ether Ritual are tried at a higher level, but now that players know how to activate the two Heroic Events, feel free to try them out in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

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