Destiny 2 Coming to Google Stadia

Destiny 2 Google Stadia

Destiny 2 won't have any information left to reveal tomorrow during Bungie's livestream regarding the future of the game. A new leak reports that Destiny 2 will be available on Google Stadia, meaning that the loot shooter will be a premier title for Google's streaming platform and that Destiny 2 will technically be mobile on Chrome-enabled devices.

Destiny 2 can't seem to keep a secret this week, but that hasn't hurt the game as much as one would think—most of the news leaking about the title has been positive. It's been a slow and steady approach from developer Bungie since the studio left Activision and was given the sole rights to the Destiny franchise, with paced, deliberate content updates that have begun to improve the game in bits and pieces. New leaks have indicated that approach will ramp up shortly, though, as yesterday, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, the game's upcoming surprise fall expansion, was unveiled for the world ahead of schedule. Earlier today, it was also confirmed that Destiny 2 will feature cross save functionality, which will finally allow players to port their hundreds of hours of play over to the PC version of the game, which was released after its console counterparts but is widely regarded as the smoothest way to experience the game.

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Now, a new report from Kotaku has further corroborated the cross save functionality while also indicating that Destiny 2 Google Stadia will be a thing once Google's platform is fully unveiled and available. According to four sources who are all reportedly familiar with Bungie's livestream plans tomorrow, the developer will announce cross-save and Google Stadia availability.

Google Stadia Reveal Price Launch

Destiny 2 is a big get for Google Stadia, but it's also a huge boon for Bungie as the game will suddenly become more readily available to an audience interested in picking it up as one of the platform's headliners. It's a great time for Destiny 2 to debut on a new platform, too, with many of the planned updates from Bungie being positively praised and the new era of Destiny 2 on the horizon. A fresh start, including transfers for players to the PC or Google Stadia platform, would work wonders for the title ahead of whatever the developer has in store for the franchise after Shadowkeep.

Google and Bungie's press conferences line up pretty well, too. Google's Stadia conference, Stadia Connect, begins at noon Eastern time tomorrow, while Bungie's Destiny 2 livestream will follow at 1pm. It seems like a match made in heaven for both companies, and Destiny 2 might become a game to watch again once all of tomorrow's news is said and done—provided Stadia's price point and launch date are palatable, of course.

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Source: Kotaku

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