Destiny 2 Trolls Fans With Fake Gjallarhorn

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn

Destiny 2 trolled its players earlier this week with a nod to the legendary Gjallarhorn weapon, one of the greatest additions to a Guardian's arsenal in the original Destiny 1Destiny 2's new allegiance quest offers players a glimpse into a new list of items called the Black Market Goods, and one of them is sure to make veterans salivate, as it's a replica of the Gjallarhorn that shares the weapon's familiar icon.

Destiny 2 has been the subject of a lot of controversy recently, after Bungie announced it was splitting away from Activision's control of the game so that it could develop it the way the studio intended from the start. While we're not at a point yet where that separation will bear fruit - it's possible that won't even happen over Destiny 2's lifespan, unfortunately - it's certainly stirred up interest in the game's future, and has helped created a positive buzz for Destiny 2's Season of the Drifter.

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The newest addition to Destiny 2's Jokers Wild content expansion is a new Exotic quest to retrieve Thorn, a weapon that was polarizing over the course of its existence during Destiny 1. The questline centers around the presence of the Drifter, who will ask players to make a choice between siding with him or the Vanguard, the military leaders of the Guardians that have persisted through both titles. Either way, the Drifter will ask players to visit the Spider afterwards to purchase some illegal goods. The Spider will give you access to his Black Market Goods list, and it's there that players will see a callback to Gjallarhorn sitting in the vendor's inventory.

Gjallarhorn will only be recognizable to players who played Destiny 1, since it's based on the weapon's icon from the previous game. To the Spider, the Gjallarhorn is called the Midnight Special, and its description is clear about how it's not an authentic version of the weapon, but rather a replica that's non-functional. It's also impossible to purchase, like all of the items on the Black Market Goods list, and even if it was purchasable, 20 Exotic engrams for a trinket would represent one of the worst deals in Destiny 2 history.

So Gjallarhorn's return to Destiny 2 is a joke rather than the heralding of another meta-warping weapon. Still, The Spider's offerings include a number of other callbacks that fans of the lore behind Destiny will adore. There's an imprisoned Ghost, a callback to the Warminds, a key to the quarters of Executor Hideo, and Hadium Flakes, the latter of which used to be a material harvested in Destiny 1. It's a nice nod to the series' dedicated playerbase, and possibly a subtle reminder that with Bungie at the helm in the future, things like this will receive more care and attention as the franchise moves forward.

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Source: GameSpot

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