Here's Your First Look at Destiny 2 Gameplay

The first proper gameplay trailer for the upcoming video game sequel, Destiny 2, is here. Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, the original Destiny online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game has amassed a loyal following worldwide. Hence, it is no surprise that its imminent seque is generating lots of buzz, even before it has been released.

Talks of Destiny 2 first started in November of 2014, when Activision chief executive officer Eric Hirshberg teased plans to expand the universe that was introduced in the first iteration of the game. By that time, Destiny had only been out on the market for 2 months, which says a lot about the expansion potential of the title. Almost 3 years later, Hirshberg is back, gladly offering a sneak peek of the gameplay of Destiny 2 during a hands-on event at Jet Center in Hawthorne, California that was live-streamed all over the globe.

The first trailer for the gameplay establishes the context of the game’s narrative, which is set just a year following the events of Destiny: Rise of Iron. The Guardians are stripped off of their powers and forced to flee into hiding after the last safe city on Earth is attacked by the Red Legion faction of the Cabal, led by Dominus Ghaul. They, then must regroup and focus on the goal of acquiring new powers to face off with the military-industrial empire of massive amphibians, in order to reclaim their home.  During the process, players can take on the role of one Guardian and travel through the expanse of the universe to pick up weaponry and new abilities.

According to Hirshberg:

"Destiny 2 has a great story, an iconic new villain, awesome characters you want to go on an epic adventure with, and of course, tons of the amazing gameplay that Destiny is known for. We, along with our partners at Bungie, have listened carefully to our community, and have added thoughtful innovations that make the game, and all of its content, more accessible to more types of players than ever before."

Despite being a sequel, Destiny 2 offers a contained story that should help new players to easily settle and understand the concept of the gameplay without any knowledge of its predecessor. This could be a good hook to interest a broader market of video gamers, as it does not force them to try out Destiny first before they can enjoy its sequel. That being said, Destiny 2 honors the basic concepts and it still very much feels connected to the world that the first game introduced, servicing those who have been followers of the franchise since the beginning.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to release worldwide on September 8 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version of the title has yet to get a release date of its own although game director Luke Smith told PC Gamer in an interview that Bungie is committed to porting the game to Microsoft Windows. Fans can expect a date announcement sometime "in the coming weeks."

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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