How Mara Sov Can Return in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Mara Sov Alive Destiny Forsaken

Warning! Potential SPOILERS for Destiny 2 Forsaken ahead!


A new expansion for Destiny 2 releases this week - Forsaken, in which the Guardians will hunt down Prince Uldren and the Scorn Barons to get revenge for the murder of Cayde-6. Forsaken is expected to be one of the biggest expansions Destiny has ever seen, and if leaks about what's to come in Forsaken are to be believed, the expansion might also answer one of the game's biggest mysteries - what happened to the Awoken Queen, Mara Sov?

In the latest cinematic trailer for Forsaken, there's quick shot of Prince Uldren sitting in what looks to be his sister, Queen Mara Sov's throne room. A hand comes in to frame to touch his shoulder and stroke his arm. Judging by its appearance, many fans are speculating it's Mara Sov - last seen in The Taken King expansion and presumed dead. If it's actually her, then Bungie has some explaining to do, and if it's a vision, then Uldren has perhaps gone mad and is operating all on his own in Forsaken.

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Whether or not Mara Sov lives and if it's her (or someone using her image) who instructs Uldren to release the Barons from the Prison of Elders and kill Cayde-6 is a mystery Forsaken is sure to explore, but the tease of Mara Sov's return is enough to get Destiny fans excited. And when players examine the datamines of the new Forsaken content that have leaked, it's possible to come up with a working theory for just how and why the Awoken Queen is returning.

Who Is Mara Sov & What Happened To Her?

Destiny Mara Sov Taken King

Mara Sov is Queen of the Reef and ruler of the Awoken. The Guardians first meet Mara during Destiny, visiting her in the Reef to ask for help in entering the Black Garden. It's there that players also meet her brother, Prince Uldren, the Queen's advisor and master of spies. In addition to being Queen, Mara is also a Kell and leader of the House of Wolves, a title she secures by defeating their leader and stopping the Wolves from joining in The Battle of Twilight Gap. However, as players will recall, the Wolves rebel against Mara during the House of Wolves expansion in Destiny, throwing in with Skolas before the Guardians defeat him in the Prison of Elders.

After the defeat of Skolas, Mara becomes an ally to the Last City and opens the Reef to the Guardians. During Destiny's following expansion, The Taken King, she leads the Awoken fleet in an attack on the Dreadnaught - Oryx's flagship. This attack proves vital in allowing the Guardians to eventually breach the Dreadnaught and slay Oryx, but it also results in the destruction of the Awoken fleet. This includes Mara, who unleashes a powerful attack called the Harbinger to rip open Oryx's defenses but perishes after doing so. Or so players thought. Information gathered from datamines of the new content in Forsaken hint at Mara Sov's return, suggesting that she's isn't merely alive but ascended.

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