Destiny 2 Forsaken: Where & How Players Should Start

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Destiny 2: Forsaken

At last, Destiny 2: Forsaken has finally arrived - but players may not know where to head first, which missions to pursue, or how to navigate the new weapons systems and inventory. Fear not, Guardians. We're here to help players who have stepped away for months (years?) or who are finally diving into Destiny 2 get back on track in no time.

Whether it's unfinished missions from previous expansions, or simply rusty reflexes, players heading back into Destiny 2 for the latest update may find themselves lost. There are serious changes to learn over time, as the developers have promised that Destiny 2: Forsaken would change shooters yet again. But for those just looking to meet up with Cayde and get into the story... look no further.

Follow these simple tips and pointers to start, and new player or returning, you'll pick up momentum from the start.

1. Don't Worry About The Inventory System Changes (Yet)

The new Destiny 2 updates make some significant changes to the way weapons, gear, and mods are all inventoried, and players will notice it the moment they drop into the game. The feeling of disarray or panic is natural, but trust us: everything has been tweaked in favor of the players, and nothing misplaced has been lost for good.

The biggest change is the weapon slot reshuffle, re-categorizing the old system of Primary, Secondary, and Heavy Weapons. Since some weapons have now changed classes, one or more may be maxed out - but fear not, those items pushed out to get below the maximum will be waiting at the Postmaster on The Tower.

But if you're looking to get into the campaign, the real hook of Forsaken, just make sure you have your old reliable weapons handy (or a good variety). And make sure your Guardian meets the requirements to advance.

2. Make Sure Your Guardian is Level 30

The sudden flood of incompleted Quests, Challenges, and Waypoint markers is going to be a bit jarring (that's what happens when you take a few months off), and finding out that buying the extra content doesn't mean you can play it right away is any fun. But keep your eyes on the prize: the real goal to kick off the campaign is to head to The Reef - but to do it, a Guardian must have reached Level 30 to access the Last Call quest.

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If your chosen Guardian is a little short of that benchmark, some good old fashioned grinding is what's called for in the meantime. And a Level 28 or 29 Guardian should make quick work of most challenges in the accessible game world. The developers want players to access the new content, so it shouldn't take too long to make up the difference (Public Events in the EDZ and Regional Chests along the Forgotten Shore are always plentiful).

Just remember: the key here is to farm XP only, not new loot. There will be plenty of time to grind for the additional materials needed to infuse higher-level gear, but for now, that Level 30 mark is the finish line. Once you've crossed that magic number, prepare yourself, and answer Cayde's call for backup.

3. Cayde is Waiting. Get. To. The. Reef.

No point in waiting any longer to dive into the new characters, storyline, and locations introduced with Forsaken. Plot a course for The Reef-- sorry, plot a course for the Tangled Shore, the subsection of the collection of space rocks that will act as backdrop to much of the new story. We'll get there soon enough, but for now, hurry up and assist Cayde-6 and Petra Vej in quelling a riot in the Prison of Elders.

The mission itself is straightforward enough, with Cayde, Petra, and the Guardian splitting up to basically murder wave after wave of Prison dwellers. We're about to go into early story spoilers, so if you've made it this far without realizing what happens to Cayde-6 in Destiny 2: Forsaken... consider yourself lucky. And stop reading right about now.

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