Destiny 2: 20 Things Only Experts Know You Can Do In Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken Dreaming City Mara Sov

When Destiny 2 released in September 2017, the gaming community was enthusiastic about the sequel to one of the most contentious franchises in recent years. The graphics were lauded, and the villain, Ghaul, was praised for the way he was humanized with real motivation. About a month later, however, grumblings of boredom arose from the player base. The dreaded lack of content returned to plague Bungie as it has occasionally in the first Destiny.

Like The Taken King DLC from the original Destiny, Forsaken has given Destiny 2 new life, returning the game back to near glory, like when Destiny was at its best. Bungie seems to have taken a “here, take everything” approach to content and general things to do. From engaging secret missions to collecting Triumphs to regularly-scheduled events, Forsaken and its subsequent DLCs are poised to keep gamers happy for a long time.

Even though the DLC has been out for almost two months, there are a number of things you may not know that you can do, either because you might not play it enough, you simply play a couple modes or play the basics in the game, or you feel overpowered with everything Bungie keeps adding. Consider the good news: there are so many ways to increase your power level that the more you find out to do, the quicker you’ll go up! We've found the newer and more secret activities that will enhance your gameplay in Forsaken.

Here’s Destiny 2: 20 Things Only Experts Knew You Could Do In Forsaken.

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Petra from Destiny 2
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18 Get a Seed of Light Through Petra

Petra from Destiny 2

Seeds of Light are needed to unlock your three new subclasses for each character. When you first start Forsaken, you’re given one for free. Each node unlocks four abilities you activate by simply the playing the game. Soon after, players obtain a second Seed of Light through the Tier 2 level of The Blind Well. It is a random drop, so some grinding is necessary.

At first, when the Last Wish raid released, the third Seed of Light was locked behind it, which alienated many players who had trouble finding players to do the raid. Now, you can snag Petra’s weekly bounty and get a Seed of Light on completion. Note that it can be a time-consuming bounty, so expect almost as much grinding as The Blind Well Tier 2. At least the drop isn’t random!

17 Visit a Dynamic Dreaming City

Unlock Dreaming City Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide

The Dreaming City is the new darling of Destiny 2: Forsaken. It’s a beautiful land tied to some deep and amazing lore in the Destiny universe. There are also some challenging and fun activities to do like The Blind Well and Ascendant Realms. It only unlocks if you finish the main Forsaken campaign and complete tasks for Spider in The Tangled Shore.

What’s unique about The Dreaming City is that it’s constantly changing. After the raid was beaten the very first time, Once you traveled down to the spawn point, the introduction story was completely different. Also, Taken Blights increased all across the land. The more Guardians do, the more it will change. During a three-week cycle, The Dreaming City will change every week.

16 Obtain the Whisper of the Worm Catalyst

Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle

The Whisper of the Worm is an exotic sniper rifle reminiscent of the Black Spindle from the first Destiny. Obtaining the mission needed required visiting Lost Oasis on Io and waiting for a specific Public Event. The mission is timed; you have 20 minutes to race through, defeating enemies and maneuvering through irritating jumping puzzles. Once you destroy the three named enemies at the end, you’ll get the weapon.

To get the catalyst for the Whisper of the Worm, you need to complete the Heroic version of the same mission that netted you the weapon.

However, the Heroic only appears on the map Friday through Monday. The catalyst requires Blighted Essence, which can be found either at the mission completion or hidden chests within the mission. You may need more than one weekend to complete the catalyst.

15 Complete a Dungeon

Entrance to The Shattered Throne Dungeon

Once the Last Wish raid was completed for the first time, so much opened up in Forsaken. One item that is now available is The Shattered Throne quest, which leads to Destinys first dungeon. Note: you’ll need to have the main Forsaken campaign done and The Dreaming City unlocked and be at least power 570.

To get the quest, you go to the portal in the northeast of Rheasilvia and get to the Confluence. Then go through one of the three portals by the Oracle Engine. Once there, you go through different areas fighting enemies, Labyrinth Architects, and mini-bosses. Some sections have a timer, but one thing’s clear: it’s a tough journey to get to the knights and wizard at the end.

14 Infuse Like Armor For Only Glimmer

Titan dressed in Armor Destiny 2

Infusion has slightly changed with Destiny 2 and the Forsaken DLC. From the former to the latter, Bungie removed the +5 modifiers from weapons mods. A bunch of new mods have been introduced. Also the cost to infuse items typically requires Legendary Shards, Glimmer, Masterwork Cores, and planet resources. Not all items will cost that much. If you keep tabs on what drops you get instead of automatically deleting them, you’ll see that you can infuse like items for only glimmer.

The cost is 5,000 glimmer, but it saves you from wasting those masterwork cores on a two to three increase in power.

For weapons, make sure it’s the exact same gun and not the same class of weapon.

Nab Bounties from EVERYONE

With the change of infusion costs, you’ll need more planetary resources and glimmer then ever. Each location contains a different element: Earth has Dusklight , Titan has Alkane Dust, Nessus has Datalattice, Io has Phaseglass, Mercury has Simulation Nodes, The Dreaming City has Dark Fragments, and the Tangled Shore has Etheric Spiral.

Besides roaming each planet and stumbling across each resource for pickup, you can obtain bounties from from each of the planet’s representative. They are usually near where you spawn in. There are usually three bounties per character, and they reset at 10 a.m. PST. Each bounty rewards planet resources and glimmer, and can sometimes be quicker if the appearance rate isn’t on your side when traveling around the planet.

13 Complete Corsair Down Quest

Locating a body in the Corsair Down Quest Destiny 2

In the Pursuits section, where your active bounties and quests-in-progress go, you may have seen something called “Corsair Down.” It appears at random as you do activities in The Dreaming City. In fact, you may have even deleted it since it’s not clear what you do with it and your only option is to “dismantle” it. There are hidden objectives associated with it, giving you a mini-quest.

There is a clue in the flavor text of Corsair Down, which involves finding a lost body.

You’ll get one of two clues: a “Harbinger” clue, which sends you to the Cathedral in The Dreaming City, or a “Chamber” clue, which is in the Lost Sector NW of The Strand. It is possible the bodies will be in different locations each time.

12 Present "A Small Gift" to Cat Statues

Location of a cat statue in Destiny 2

Another item that might appear in in your inventory under Pursuits is something called “A Small Gift.” They do have a purpose, so don’t delete them!

The item is received as you perform activities in The Dreaming City like The Blind Well or public events. Unfortunately, there’s hardly any instructions on what to do with it. The word “gift” is the biggest clue: you must present this token to a cat statue in The Dreaming City. There are several cat statues situated around The Dreaming City. One statue resides in the Observatory and another in the top left corner of the Rheasilvia area when you have your map pulled up.

11 Ingest the "Tincture of Queensfoil"

Ascendant Chest from using the Tincture Destiny 2

Have you seen the Tincture of Queensfoil in your inventory, but done nothing with it? You get this item by doing activities in The Dreaming City. Once you have some, you ingest it so you can “open your mind to the secrets of The Dreaming City.

After drinking it, you’ll get an Ascendant buff, which is active for 30 minutes.

Now you can see platforms that were invisible. They are all around The Dreaming City. The platforms lead to Ascendant chests, which have Dark Fragments, more Tinctures, and a rare item. Doesn’t seem like much, but any easier way to get Dark Fragments is always welcome since bounties from Petra use the fragments as payment.

10 Activate Tier 4 in the Blind Well

The Blind Well in Destiny 2

You’re probably familiar with starting one of the three tiers in The Blind Well. There is a fourth, which was unlocked when the Last Wish raid was finished for the first time. To get that Tier 4, you must complete Tier 3 of The Blind Well. After defeating the bosses, an unstable charge will drop. Pick this up, go back to the center of the well, and deposit it. This will activate a Heroic version of The Blind Well.

Two tough bosses will arrive at the sides of the room. Power level is around 580, so make sure you’re prepared. To break through the boss’s shields, make sure you destroy all the minor enemies and keep destroying them so damage is continuous to the bosses. You’ll get a Powerful Gear as a reward.

9 Tackle Ascendant Challenges

Ascendant Challenge Area Destiny 2

The Tincture of Queensfoil also allows you to see portals that deliver you to Ascendant Plains to complete challenges. Each week there’s a new challenge that starts in a new location. Ensure you hit up Petra to get any Ascendant Challenge bounties.

These challenges will net you dark fragments, charges of light (for The Blind Well), and Legendary items.

There are a total of 7 different challenges and they are ready to repeat. For example, October 16’s challenge is in the Lost Sector located at Aphelion’s Rest in The Strand. If you don’t see the portal, make sure you have taken the Tincture of Queensfoil. If you don’t have any Tinctures, you can buy them from Petra.

Earn the Dredgen Title

Once you finish a certain number of Triumphs you get a title signifying your accomplishments. When you open the Triumph screen, the titles you can earn are on the bottom. Some may be empty as they haven’t been unlocked or released yet. One title that you can now earn is the Dredgen title, which is associated with Gambit. This title wasn’t fully available because one Triumph-- getting the Malfeasance exotic-- wasn’t active yet.

Now, Dredgen is yours for the taking, but be warned that it’s a grind-fest. You have to basically earn everything related to Gambit and then dispatch enemies and invaders with specific abilities active. There's more to it than that, though. For example, one player on a team must deposit 100 motes without losing any, then the team must win the match.

8 Activate a Secret Boss Fight

Area where Paradii the Vigilant spawns Destiny 2

Bungie has laced Forsaken with lots of secrets to uncover. The Dreaming City is the largest location the developer has ever put together, so there’s lots to explore. One secret you can participate in is for the Double Trouble Triumph that has players defeating hidden bosses.

The secret boss fight is right at the Divalian Mists, where you spawn into The Dreaming City.

You will need three players-- either in a Fireteam or with randoms, but a Fireteam is easier. When you spawn in, go to the big entrance that leads to The Blind Well. There are three stones - left, center, right - that three players need to stand on. You have to wait for the smoke to appear on the circles before you try, which is about every 15 minutes. Eventually, Paradii the Vigilant will appear for you to defeat.

7 Gain the Secret Treasure Emblem

The Mindbender mission leads to secret emblem Destiny 2

Emblems are a fun way to customize your character with unique patterns. With Destiny 2, emblems have had stat-tracking built into them, tallying things like eliminations and medals. There’s one you probably didn’t know you could get.

The Secret Treasure emblem is tied to the fight with The Mindbender in Forsaken. Even if you’ve already beaten this mission, and therefore don’t have access to it, you can still get this emblem when The Mindbender story mission appears as the Daily Heroic. Make sure you check every day. After you beat The Mindbender, don’t leave the portal just yet. Go to the right and over the floating platforms. Grab the orb at the end and then return through the portal. To the right is a door, which the orb unlocks. The chest inside has the Secret Treasure Emblem.

6 Find a Raid Chest Solo

Journey to the raid chest as a solo player Destiny 2

Players found a way to get to a hard-to-find raid chest without needing to complete the raid, and the best part is that it can be done solo. Some even found the chest before the raid was released, but the reward it gave didn’t provide anyone with enough advantage to beat the raid quicker.

There’s a hidden area called the Wall of Wishes.

Once you go through the icons on the wall, you’ll be teleported to an area near a bridge. You’ve probably seen the rails going under the bridge. You’ll travel these rails until get to a rocky under-cropping where the chest is hidden.

5 Dispatch Gambit Envoys for Primeval Buff

Destiny 2 Gambit action

Gambit is a competitive-style game that has players defeating PvE enemies to collect motes to deposit into a bank to spawn their Primeval. Whoever takes down their Primeval first wins the round. It’s best of three. There’s also a PvP portion. At different times, a portal will open to the opponent’s side. One play may go over and take out as many players as they can. If they’re carrying motes, the enemy will lose them; if the Primeval is up, it’s healed on each Guardian elimination.

What’s still eluding some Gambit players is that a Primeval Slayer buff is given when the Envoys that spawn with the Primeval are eliminated. The higher the buff, the more damage that’s done to the Primeval, making it possible to destroy your Primeval in seconds.

4 Participate in the Rockstar Riots

Destiny 2-Forsaken DLC

The Rockstar Riots are weekly challenges sponsored by Rockstar Energy drink. Through December 1, 2018, you can participate in various activities to reach a rank of 200 or less. Doing so lets you into the Legendary Challenges that began Week 4 on October 28, 2018.

The challenges involve PvP and PvE.

The first week involved Crucible matches, while the next two were Strikes and Gambit games. Each week in real time, your ranking, matches completed, and more are collected to maintain a Total Score. If you manage to hit rank 200 or better, make sure you get a can of Rockstar Energy to enter in the code on the can to open up the Legendary Challenges. This code also unlocks a unique emblem for your Bungie account.

3 Claim Your Free Soundtrack

The Destiny soundtracks have always provided gamers with intense fighting music and atmospheric enhancements. Some later instrumentals have caused some players to become nostalgic, remembering their antics and love of previous missions and gameplay. Destiny 2’s music is no different. It’s powerful, and in some cases, catchy.

Bungie is giving it away for free. Once you finish the main Forsaken campaign, Bungie sends you an e-mail with a special link that allows you to download the soundtrack for free. This version includes the bonus track “Whisper of the Worm”, which isn’t available if you buy the soundtrack directly from Bungie’s store.

2 Get Cayde-6's signature gun and discount codes

Gamers were will aware that Cayde-6 - one of the more beloved characters in Destiny - was going to perish. Bungie told us in trailers and previews for Forsaken. Maybe that was to give players enough time to prepare for his passing. Cayde-6’s signature gun was the Ace of Spades hand cannon. In Forsaken, you have the opportunity to obtain this exotic weapon under the quest-line “Cayde’s Will.” It’s an intensive quest, but the gun is worth it if you enjoy that type.

After you finish the quest and activate the Triumph, you’ll get an email for discounts codes for licensed merchandise. You can purchase the exclusive 1:4 scale replicate of the Ace of Space and/or a T-shirt that commemorates the Hunter.

1 Unlock the Malfeasance Exotic Quest

Malfeasance Exotic Gun via Gambit Destiny 2

Since Destiny, Bungie has been known to surprise us with secret quests and missions that add a little depth to the game. It happened again with the Gambit mode

The Malfeasance is an exotic hand cannon tied to a quest obtained through playing Gambit.

You get the drop during a special moment when you spawn a Primeval, which is random. There is a chance that the Primeval Servitor will spawn, which drops the first part of the Malfeasance quest-line, called the Seething Heart quest. The drop rate is different each week during the Curse Cycle. When the Servitor first became known, the spawn rate was minuscule.


What didn’t you know you could do in Forsaken? Let us know in the comments!

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