Destiny 2 Forsaken Ending Explained

 Warning! SPOILERS for Destiny 2: Forsaken ahead!


Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion updates the game not only with new activities but new lore, taking the overall story of Destiny in an interesting direction. However, for the casual Destiny player returning to game with this expansion, just what is revealed at the end of the campaign might not make any sense.

Destiny has never been very good at communicating its story to players, often hiding important plot points within items that must be discovered and scanned or worse yet, Destiny 1's Grimoire Cards which couldn't even be accessed within the game. However, with expansions like The Taken King, Destiny improved on their storytelling mechanics, and come their latest expansion, Forsaken, the game has finally figured out how to tell a compelling narrative.

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Still, for those fans who haven't kept up with the complicated lore of Destiny, the ending to Forsaken can be a little confusing. To help clear up that confusion, we've answered a few of the biggest questions that come up after playing through Forsaken's campaign.

What Happens To Uldren Sov?

Destiny 2 Forsaken Ending Explained Uldren Sov Death

The driving force of Forsaken's campaign has been revenge for the murder of Cayde-6, with our Guardians hunting down the man who pulled the trigger: Uldren Sov. In the campaign's final mission, Nothing Left To Say, players get their chance to confront Uldren - except, something else gets to him first.

In a cutscene, we see Uldren combine his own Darkness with the Light from the Traveler's shard and open a portal. He believes he's freeing his sister, Mara Sov, who has been appearing to him throughout Forsaken's main story and urging him onward. However, it quickly becomes clear that the Mara he's been talking to is only an illusion, and when he opens his eyes expecting to be reunited with his queen, Uldren is instead eaten by a giant monster, a Chimera called the Voice of Riven. It's a startling turn of events and one it's safe to assume most players never saw coming - but that isn't the end of Uldren.

As our Guardians fight the tentacled creature, we can hear him screaming from within the monster, and once we kill the Eldritch horror, Uldren is free. In the following cut scene, Petra Venj shows up, her weapon drawn and aimed at Uldren, and our Guardian does the same (now in possession of the Ace of Spades). A debate then ensues between Petra and our Ghost over whether or not we should shoot Uldren or take him prisoner - do we to take our revenge or seek justice? There's no easy answer, and as our Guardian and Petra stare Uldren down, the screen fades to black and we hear a gunshot.

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Uldren Sov is dead, but who actually kills him is left unclear. It's an ambiguous ending that reflects the tone of Forsaken's story, making our decision to blindly follow the Traveler appear a bit more dubious. Are our Guardians murderers? Forsaken doesn't offer up an answer, instead leaving players to mull it over before the story continues.

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