Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide: Fastest Way to Unlock Dreaming City

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Destiny 2 Forsaken is live and Guardians are hot on the heels of Uldren Sov - the murderer of Cayde-6 on who Guardians have sworn revenge. But exacting revenge isn't all Forsaken has to offer. For instance, there's the Dreaming City - a new location to explore that's the homeworld of the Awoken and host of next week's raid, Last Wish.

The Dreaming City is a strange place, half within the Guardians' reality and half within the Ascendant Plane. Physics behave oddly in the Dreaming City, and it changes, never appearing exactly the same from one visit to the next. However, unlike the Tangled Shore - a new area of the Reef that's open to explore - which becomes available after completing the first mission in Forsaken, the Dreaming City is an end-game location, meaning Guardians need to be of a higher power level to access it.

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But entering the Dreaming City is a little more complicated than simply being of a high enough level. There are several tasks Guardians will need to complete in order to gain access to the Dreaming City, some of which aren't very obvious at first glance. Here's what players need to do in order to enter the Dreaming City:

1. Finish The Forsaken Campaign

Before you can begin exploring all of what Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion has to offer, you'll need to complete the main story. For the purpose of unlocking the Dreaming City, you'll need to have completed the campaign through the mission called Nothing Left To Say. Once your Guardian has confronted Uldren Sov, return to the Tower and speak with Ikora Rey and Zavala. Next, visit the Tangled Shore and speak with Petra (and receive the new Vestian Dynasty sidearm). She'll tell you to visit the Spider, who has a favor to ask.

2. Collect Broken Awoken Talisman Fragments

The Spider asks your Guardian to collect three fragments of a broken Awoken Talisman. These can be found in three Lost Sectors (teased through riddles) in the Tangled Shore - the lost sector next to the Spider's lair in Thieves' Landing; the lost sector in Jetsam of Saturn; the lost sector in the Four-Horn Gulch. Once each sector is looted, return to the Spider with the fragments. He's got yet another request of you.

3. Kill All The Taken

After returning with the three Awoken Talisman fragments, the Spider will ask your Guardian to kill all the Taken. Well, not really all of them, but killing 300 Taken will sure feel like all of them. The best way to efficiently slaughter 300 Taken is to complete the Lake of Shadows strike. However, it's a PS4 exclusive. For everyone else, a good place to farm a bunch of Taken kills would be Io, so travel there and hunt down some Taken Blight public events. Once the Taken massacre has been accomplished, head back the Spider for his final request.

4. Complete Ether Harvest Public Event

The Spider's final task is the easiest: asking your Guardian to complete the Ether Harvest public event. This event crops up in the Four-Horn Gulch, though it isn't the only public event in the area, meaning you might need to wait out a Glimmer Extraction before the necessary event spawns. Once it does, however, it should be easy to complete seeing as there's no need to turn it into a Heroic Public Event. Finish it, go back to the Spider, and get ready for the final step!

Unlock Dreaming City Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide

5. Complete A Hum Of Starlight Mission

With the Spider's laundry list over and done with, he'll gift your Guardian the repaired Awoken Talisman - that's your ticket to the Dreaming City. At this point, a new mission will unlock: "A Hum of Starlight." Complete it and the Dreaming City and all its strange secrets and new activities are yours! Of course, "A Hum of Starlight" is no walk in the park, and your Guardian should be almost at the 500 power level before you attempt it. Getting into the Dreaming City is only the first step in being able to complete the upcoming Last Wish raid, so players better get started.

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Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion is available now.

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