It's Weird How Much Bungie is Trying to Charge Destiny 2 Players For Content

When it comes to MMOs, Destiny 2 is already not sitting well with gamers, and new changes to how Bungie offers and charges for content for the game will certainly go farther in making players even angrier.

Destiny 2 released in 2017, but since then, many of its players feel that the game has grown stale and tired, and although there have been a few updates since then, the complaints continue to grow. Players continue to gripe about how they feel like they're just retreading the same content over and over, particularly when compared to the first game, Destiny (especially when some of that content feels as it were lifted right out of that first game). However, Bungie has a huge expansion coming out soon called Forsaken, with promises from the developer that it will bring a huge new world and a lot of new content to the Destiny 2 experience. There's just one problem, though: For players to have access to that expansion and its future updates, it's going to cost them - a lot.

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Usually when an MMO comes out with an expansion, players only need to pay a fair price for that expansion and then they would have access to all content released for that expansion throughout the next year. With Forsaken, though, Bungie will require players to purchase the expansion and then pay an additional $40 (or players can buy both for a total of $70) for an annual pass. Although there are no details about what the annual pass gets players, it seems that any updates past the original Forsaken expansion are not included for those players without the pass. Bungie took to its Twitter account in an attempt to explain further:

These tweets don't really explain much, though, except that the company seems to want to attack its loyal players with a cash grab. Perhaps this has something to do with fears that loot boxes might soon become illegal throughout the world, stalling a major income stream for the game. Maybe it just has something to do with greed: Bungie expects that players will pay for that additional content that may have been previously included in the first Destiny. It doesn't make sense in an MMO playground where other games, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, offer most of their additional content and maps for free.

So what gives? Will players shell out the big bucks for the annual pass without thinking about it? Or will they decide that Bungie already has enough money from them and go on to play other games?

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