Destiny 2 Devs Are Promising To Change The Shooter Genre With This Fall's Expansion

Destiny 2 will be getting a major game mode update in the fall that will introduce a "whole new style of play," according to Activision president Cody Johnson. Destiny 2 is already one of the most popular first-person shooter properties in the gaming industry, and is developed by Bungie, the studio behind the iconic Halo series.

Destiny 2 has spent the bulk of the past few months gearing up for the release of the Warmind DLC, which releases today. The expansion content will follow the journey of a Guardian named Ana Bray as she attempts to uncover a mystery in the polar ice caps. The story will eventually lead to the unveiling of the AI Rasputin, a key figure in Destiny lore. It's a huge moment for Destiny 2, and will coincide with the game's entry into Season 3 of its content, which will provide updates to various equipment, PS4 exclusive PvE content, and more.

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According to GameSpot, however, Activision is already looking ahead to the next wave of content for Destiny 2. Johnson stated that fans won't hear anything more about the upcoming fall release, which will be Destiny 2's third expansion, until E3 2018 in June. That didn't stop him from providing some intriguing context to sate those eager to hear more:

"[The fall release has] an incredibly engaging new mode - one that introduces a whole new style of play for first-person shooter gaming generally and certainly for the shared-world shooter space that Destiny created. It's a really exciting development."

Bungie has been establishing a much more intimate relationship with fans when it comes to information regarding Destiny 2's future, so Johnson playing coy most likely means that he isn't being hyperbolic regarding the new gameplay mode. If Bungie hasn't informed fans about what to expect from the fall release yet, it's because it is a massive development. Destiny 2 features a detailed roadmap of its content plans that extends into the late summer currently, with no information regarding the expansion in the fall as of yet.

Destiny 2 Warmind DLC is now out

The release of a new gameplay mode in Destiny 2 comes at a great time for the game, which will see an influx of returning players thanks to the Warmind expansion's release. While the game hasn't exactly struggled in maintaining a core player base, Destiny 2 has been criticized for a lack of variety in its content, something that was a major issue in the original Destiny as well.

With the much-needed changes coming in Warmind (though there are still loot boxes...) and the potential for a genre-changing development in the fall expansion, Destiny 2 appears primed to recapture the industry's imagination. Activision, and Destiny 2 fans, will hope the game's third expansion follows the same blueprint its predecessor's did - Destiny's third expansion, The Taken King, was hailed as the best the game had ever offered, winning over scores of fans and wooing players into returning for a significant amount of time.

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Source: GameSpot

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