Destiny 2 Ending and Post-Credits Scene Explained

Warning: SPOILERS for Destiny 2 ahead!


The much-anticipated sequel to Bungie's shooter-MMO-hybrid game, Destiny has arrived and already it's considered a marked improvement over the first installment. Destiny 2 brings with it a lot of changes to how the game looks and plays, most of them for the better (others not so much), but by far it's most obvious change is in how the game approaches storytelling.

Destiny 1 had, for the most part, a really interesting tale to tell. Problem was, much of what made Destiny's story so interesting was only found in Grimoire cards that players could unlock in game but then had to read online, outside of the game. It was a baffling decision on Bungie's part and left most players in the dark about the full scope of Destiny's epic saga.

For the sequel, Grimoire cards have been done away with and everything players need or just want to know about the worlds, characters, and the lore of Destiny 2 can be experienced while exploring the game. And the story Destiny 2 has to tell is quite the doozy, ending with a couple reveals that are sure to have a dramatic effect on where Destiny's story is heading next.

The Traveler Awakens...

destiny 2 ending traveler awakens

The final mission of Destiny 2's story campaign finds players' Guardian facing off against Dominus Ghaul, the Cabal leader of the Red Legion who's come to Earth to steal the Light of the Traveler. By the time players have reached this mission, Ghaul has killed the Speaker (his prisoner for much of the game) and attained the super abilities granted to those who have a connection to the Light. Players must then fight Ghaul as he unleashes one barrage of super attacks after another. Ghaul is eventually defeated only to then resurrect (as those with the Light do) in a giant form made entirely of a glowing, ethereal Light.

Now seemingly immortal, Ghaul appears victorious - then the Traveler wakes up. Up until this point in Destiny 1 and 2, the Traveler was in a dormant state, idling above the Tower after sending the Ghosts to raise up the Guardians and imbue with them the Light needed to protect itself and Earth. But once threatened by Ghaul, the Traveler begins to glow and the cage the Red Legion had attached to its surface breaks and falls off. A massive wave of light then explodes from the sphere, destroying the Ghaul-god. It's the first active role the Traveler has played all game and it's without a doubt a big moment for Destiny, dramatically altering the story going forward.

Making this development all the more significant is the reveal (coming just before the final boss fight) that all along the Speaker wasn't actually speaking for the Traveler but rather pushing his own, mysterious agenda under the guise of doing so. This is sure to affect how the Vanguard and all of the Guardians see the Traveler and its gift of the Light, hinting at a huge shift in how the Traveler communicates with its chosen. Of course, since all this new information comes only at the very end of the campaign, Destiny's story will likely be on a bit of hiatus for the foreseeable future. The raid may shed a bit more light on what a reawakened Traveler means for the future, but chances are, any big reveals will be held until the game's next expansion.

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