Destiny 2 Now Locks Some End-Game Content Behind DLC

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Bungie continues working against players as they've now blocked select Destiny 2 end-game content for those who haven't purchased the game's DLC. The game's first mini-expansion, Curse of Osiris, released this past Tuesday and came with new missions - as well as an increase in the game's soft level cap, from 20 to 25, and gear level cap, from 300 to 330 (gear can be increased by 5 using legendary mods) - in addition to introducing new higher-level, end-game content, such as Heroic Strikes.

Curse of Osiris comes on the heels of Bungie suffering overwhelming backlash for rigging Destiny 2's XP system, with regard to players earning Bright Engrams post-Level 20, thus forcing them to "fix" the system. But they failed to mention if they would make it up their mistake to players by compensating them with in-game rewards that they lost out on. Unfortunately, Bungie seems to be doing the exact opposite, as they're now blocking previously available end-game content behind DLC.

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Polygon notes that Destiny 2 players can no longer access certain end-game content without purchasing the Curse of Osiris DLC first (and presumably future DLC as well). End-game content, such as Nightfalls and the Raid, have seen their base power level requirements increase, with Nightfalls now requiring players to have a 270 Power Level. While they're still available to the general public, the Nightfall's Prestige variant, which previously required Power Level 300, now requires 330 gear, a level only people who purchased the DLC can obtain.

What's more, Heroic Strikes, which are finally making a comeback in Destiny 2, requires consumers to purchase DLC in order to play the playlist in the sequel. Considering that the minimum Power Level for the Heroic Strikes playlist is only 270, vanilla players should be able to take part in the playlist; all Bungie needs to do is make the Curse of Osiris strikes available as a separate option. But to lock both the Heroic Strikes and the Prestige Nightfall behind the DLC is unscrupulous, to say the least.

Bungie's reputation with gamers is hanging by a thread judging by how they've been treating their consumer base lately. And the problem is that this isn't anything new for them... or for Activision. The developer employed the same shady tactics in the first Destiny game, and they got away with it, for the most part, which is why they've brought the same mechanic back for the sequel. But now that the gaming industry is under fire for its predatory tactics, with EA bearing the brunt of the industry's consumer backlash, Bungie deciding to use the same mechanics for Destiny 2 may just tip their fan base against them.

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Source: Polygon

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