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[Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Destiny 2!]


Destiny 2 is now a little over two weeks old (on consoles anyway - its PC release isn't until October 24th). Many players have finished the campaign and watched as the Traveler reawakened and laid waste to Dominus Ghaul. Some have since taken part in strikes and public events, earned glory in the Crucible, perhaps even completed the raid, Leviathan, in where a fireteam of six Guardians work together to defeat the Cabal Emperor. All of that and more is now available to experience in Destiny 2 - over and over again - making it abundantly clear that the grind is still very real in this sequel.

For games of the MMO and/or RPG variety, the main path towards reaching the max possible level often relies solely on collecting better and better loot. Destiny 2 is no different, and with a power level cap of roughly 300 - a stat that's derived from a Guardian's equipped armor and weapons, becoming the true signifier of a Guardian's level once the experience cap of 20 is reached - that grind for more loot is what the game is all about once the campaign in completed.

Legendary (purple) and exotic (yellow) gear is the most sought-after loot in Destiny 2 and it is earned primarily through activities - be it finishing challenges, playing Crucible matches, or successfully beating the Nightfall strike. Every week these activities reset, some even every day, allowing Guardians the chance to earn their rewards again. This means that knowing when these activities reset, and which are worth focusing on for the best loot, is key to continue leveling a Guardian towards their max power level.

What Are The Resets & When Do They Happen?

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There are two time frames in which Destiny 2's activities regularly reset - daily and weekly. The daily reset pertains to challenges and Adventures, while the weekly reset involves basically everything else: milestones, Meditations, clan rewards, the Nightfall strike, and the raid. The challenges and Adventures that reset on the daily schedule usually do so around 1:00AM PST or 2:00AM PDT (depending on whether Daylights Savings Time is active), during which new challenges will appear on each of the destination planets and the Adventures found there will become available to replay for rewards.

The weekly reset is the more substantial of the two, dealing with many of the activities considered to be endgame content, like the Nightfall strike and raid. Destiny 2's weekly reset occurs early Tuesday mornings, 1:00AM PST or 2:00AM PDT, allowing those players who have already completed these activities and earned their rewards another chance to do so. At this time, the weekly milestones will reset, including the Crucible Call to Arms milestone, the weekly challenges milestone, the Clan XP milestone, and the Flashpoint milestone (including a new destination on which the Flashpoint will take place). The Meditations, or story mission replays, offered by Ikora Rey will also reset, as will the loot available as rewards for clan activities.

At this weekly reset, a new strike will be made the Nightfall strike and it will include new modifiers and challenges of its own. The raid will also reset, and while Destiny 2 currently only has the one raid, any progress made towards completing the Leviathan raid will be reset at this time. That means any checkpoint saves are erased and any keys (Drain Key, Engine Key, etc.) will disappear from a Guardian's inventory.

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